NBA Trade Deadline Prop Bets

The trade deadline is quickly approaching and there are a lot of rumors out there. We’ve already seen DeMarcus Cousins join Anthony Davis in New Orleans and many people think that this is simply the first domino to fall. Bovada Sportsbook decided to capitalize this and add some NBA Specials concerning the trade deadline with six big questions as we head into Thursday.

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The big questions surround some players that have been constantly linked to trades over the past few weeks. Carmelo Anthony is the big name, but it’s hard to see where he would fit. Jahlil Okafor feels like a lock, but it’s hard to find a spot for him. While Jimmy Butler and Reggie Jackson offer some interesting questions. Let’s take a closer look at the questions and see what we can come up with.

Will Carmelo Anthony be traded before the 2017 NBA Trade Deadline?

Yes +170No -250

This feels like a solid no. The rumors linking him to the Clippers have died down as of late as it appears that the Clippers have realized that losing Austin Rivers, J.J. Redick and Jamal Crawford is giving up their entire backcourt for a player that only makes them marginally better. It’s obvious that the Knicks want to move him and it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to leave. What’s not so obvious is who would want him. I have to go with the NO on this one.

Will Jahlil Okafor be traded before the 2017 NBA Trade Deadline?

Yes -190No +145

This feels like a solid yes. It’s hard to say what the 76ers will get back for him, but it’s pretty clear that he doesn’t fit with what they are doing. Dario Saric and Joel Embiid are the stars of the future and Jahlil and Nerlens Noel are not. I wouldn’t be surprised if both of those guys leave.

Will Jimmy Butler be traded before the 2017 NBA Trade Deadline?

Yes +300No -500

This one is very interesting to look at. The Bulls don’t want to move him, but the Celtics really want him and have the assets to knock any other offer out of the park. If the Bulls are willing to listen, they will get an offer that will be hard to say no to. A top-3 pick in this year’s draft and a solid player like Jae Crowder or Avery Bradley is really intriguing and something the Celtics might actually regret down the line.

This one still feels like the no as I’m not sure the Bulls will want to listen, but it is definitely an interesting play. If there was one big name moved this year, I’d have to go with Butler over Carmelo Anthony or Paul George.

Will Reggie Jackson be traded before the 2017 NBA Trade Deadline?

Yes +170No -250

This is definitely a coinflip. The question is, who will give up something that the Pistons want for him? There aren’t many contenders in need of a starting point guard and if they were it’s hard to imagine them thinking that Reggie Jackson is the answer. I think that Detroit would move him, but to where? The Orlando Magic have been linked. D.J. Augustin and Jeff Green is the rumor and that isn’t a very inspiring offer. I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s moved, but I am thinkingĀ it won’t right now.

Will the Cleveland Cavaliers make a trade before the 2017 NBA Trade Deadline?

Yes -170No +130

Yes, a million times yes. The Cavs will add someone at the trade deadline. I don’t know how good they will be or if they will even be a rotation player, but there will be something happening here. LeBron James wants that to happen so it will happen.

Will the Golden State make a trade before the 2017 NBA Trade Deadline?

Yes -160No +120

I would go with no on this one. The Warriors like their younger players and I think they’ll wait and see who becomes available during buyout season.

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