Updated 2018 NBA MVP Odds

This year’s NBA MVP race is one of the weirdest that I can remember. There are a lot of great individual seasons, but nobody is really standing out. There is no overwhelming favorite and that could make for an interesting winner.

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Of course, James Harden is the favorite right now. He’s having another great season, his team is currently tops in the West and he’s had a pretty good argument to win this thing for the last two seasons. There is a good chance that his season plus the voters feeling badly about his last two years not being recognized could be a win for him. I don’t love him at 3/1, but he is probably the favorite and is well deserving of it.

The other interesting name at the top of the odds is LeBron James. What he’s done so far this season has been great and he’s neck and neck with Harden in Value Over Replacement Player. The second half of the season means a lot for LeBron’s MVP case. If he can get this team with their new roster back to the top of the Eastern Conference that might be enough to get him the award once again and screw Harden once again. I think the voters want to vote for LeBron on some level since everyone has been calling him “the best player in the world, but not the MVP” for years. A great season and a great finish could get him both.

The Bucks would need a big second half for Giannis to get this award. Like, taking over the Cavs for the Central division title kind of big. I don’t see that happen and I think we are still a year or two away from the day that Giannis wins this thing.

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are also very interesting. Both of them have a great case for this award, especially if they come back to surpass the Rockets for the best record in the West. The only problem, they play on the same team and could split the vote. Seems unlikely.

Kyrie Irving just doesn’t have the stats to win this thing unless he has a monster second half. This team is looking like it’s going to drop down a bit in the standings with the Cavs looking to surge and the Raptors not going away. He’ll have to settle for a strong playoff run.

Russell Westbrook won it last week on stats alone. That won’t happen again.

Complete odds are below:

NBA Regular Season – Most Valuable Player
James Harden wins regular season MVP -310
Field wins NBA regular season MVP +230
LeBron James wins regular season MVP +295
Field wins NBA regular season MVP -415
Field wins NBA regular season MVP +1064
James Harden or LeBron James wins MVP -2180
Giannis Antetokounmpo wins regular season MVP +1600
Field wins NBA regular season MVP -4800
Kevin Durant wins regular season MVP +1850
Field wins NBA regular season MVP -5550
Stephen Curry wins regular season MVP +2200
Field wins NBA regular season MVP -6600
Kyrie Irving wins regular season MVP +2500
Field wins NBA regular season MVP -7500
Russell Westbrook wins regular season MVP +3300
Field wins NBA regular season MVP -12100

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