2011 NBA Playoffs Championship Odds

Phil Jackson leads the Los Angeles Lakers into the playoffs and Bovada has them as the favorite to win the championship. Despite a rough finish to the season that saw them stumble down the stretch, an injury to Andrew Bynum and finishing second in the conference standings; the Lakers are the favorite to win the NBA title at +200. There is a certain logic to that and it’s really hard to bet against Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant right now, but I wouldn’t have them as the favorite. There will probably be a lot of money coming in on the Lakers though so I can understand why sportsbooks want to hedge their bets so to speak.

That honor still belongs to the Miami Heat and their Big 3 who are at +350 to win it all. They still have the best player in the world and they finished the season on a 15-3 run. We said before the season that it would take awhile for this team to gel and it seems like they finally have. There are few teams hotter than them right now and even fewer teams that can match them in talent. This season has been all about the Miami Heat and I can’t imagine that changing heading into the playoffs.

The San Antonio Spurs have been mostly left out of the championship conversations at just +450 despite having the best record in the best conference in the NBA. People are always doubting them because of their age, but winning 61 games in the NBA is no easy task and I expect them to make a deep run this year. Could they make the FInals? Very easily. If there is one team I can see knocking off the Lakers, it’s the Spurs.

The top team in the whole NBA during the regular season was the Chicago Bulls who currently sit at +250 in championship odds. I know they had a great season and that they have an absolutely stifling defense, but I have a hard time seeing a young team like this get through the Heat, Magic and Celtics. I should probably know better than to bet against Derrick Rose, but this just seems like too much too fast for this team. They aren’t quite championship level in my opinion. Not yet at least.

One line that I don’t fully understand is Dallas +2000. They had the same record in the regular season as the Lakers, a better record than the Thunder (+1200), Dirk and an amazing coach in Rick Carlisle. Being a fourth seed in the West is not a great place to be, but I’m surprised they aren’t getting a little more respect. They would have to go against the Lakers and Spurs in road series just to make the Finals so maybe this line is right on.

Complete NBA Championship Futures from Bovada are below. You can bet all of these futures online at http://www.Bovada.lv

LA Lakers +200
Chicago +250
Miami +350
San Antonio +450
Boston +700
Oklahoma City +1200
Orlando +2000
Dallas +2000
Denver +3000
New York +4000
Portland +5000
Memphis +20000
New Orleans +20000
Atlanta +20000
Philadelphia +30000
Indiana +100000

2011 NBA Championship Futures 9/30/2010

The Miami Heat’s signing of Lebron James and Chris Bosh dominated all of the offseason headlines, it now looks like they will dominate the regular season as well with sportsbooks having them as the top favorite to win the NBA Championship in 2011 at +160.

And why not? The addition of Lebron James would have made any of his suitors a favorite to win the 2011 NBA Championship. To add Chris Bosh and hold on to Dwayne Wade while drastically upgrading the bench as well would instantly make you one of the best teams in the NBA. This is a super team, period. Sure, it will take them a little bit to mesh and figure out how to play together. The coach Erik Spoelstra will have his work cut out for him (and there is always Pat Riley lurking over his shoulder), but this is a team built to win championships and I expect them to be the top favorite this year and next year and the year after that and as long as they stick together. They are that good.

The next favorite is the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers at +250 who are going for the three-peat. In most years that would be the big story, but Lebron James changing teams doesn’t happen every year. The Lakers are bringing back all the major parts as Kobe looks for his third title without Shaq and sixth overall. This would also be a huge story for Phil Jackson who currently holds 11 championship rings. A fourth three-peat would be insane and I almost want it to happen just for him. Still, this is an aging team in the toughest conference in basketball so it will be a hard road for them.

The Magic and Celtics are up next at +1000 apiece. It’s hard to imagine either of these teams getting past the Miami Heat juggernaut. The Magic have been very good with Dwight Howard and that will be a great match-up to watch, but there just seems to be too much in Miami for Orlando to deal with. The same goes for Boston who are seriously getting on in age and only got older with the addition of Shaq.

My favorite line has to go to the Thunder at +1500. They are young and inexperienced, but they are so very talented. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are two of the best young players in the NBA with Serge Ibaka and James Harden right there with them. If they can figure it all out and put it together, this team could be very scary in the Western Conference.

Complete 2011 NBA Championship Futures are below. You can bet all futures at http://www.Bovada.lv

Miami Heat +160
Los Angeles Lakers +250
Orlando Magic +1000
Boston Celtics +1000
Oklahoma City Thunder +1500
Dallas Mavericks +1500
Chicago Bulls +2000
Portland Blazers +2500
San Antonio Spurs +2500
Denver Nuggets +3000
Phoenix Suns +3000
Utah Jazz +3000
Houston Rockets +3000
Atlanta Hawks +5000
Milwaukee Bucks +5000
Memphis Grizzlies +6000
Los Angeles Clippers +6000
New Orleans Hornets +7500
New York Knicks +8000
Charlotte Bobcats +10000
New Jersey Nets +10000
Detroit Pistons +10000
Philadelphia 76ers +10000
Minnesota T-Wolves +20000
Toronto Raptors +20000
Cleveland Cavaliers +20000
Golden State Warriors +20000
Indiana Pacers +20000
Sacramento Kings +20000
Washington Wizards +20000