2017 NBA Coach of the Year Betting Odds

The 2017 season is upon us and we are getting into the awards. The coach of the year award is always one of the toughest to pick as it’s one of the hardest categories to pick what the voters might do. Sometimes it’s the coach of the best team, sometimes it’s the rookie coach and sometimes it’s the coach of the most surprising team in the NBA. You really never know what you are going to get with this award.

The favorite is Steve Kerr +300, but that is not even that big of a favorite. It’s hard to see how he’ll win this one though. He clearly has what everyone considers to be the best team in basketball and he already had the team that set the new wins record. So, what can he possibly do this year to win again? Set another wins record? I think that’s the only way and I just don’t see that happening.

Tyronn Lue and Gregg Popovich both sit at +400 and both are basically safe bets. Lue could do it by having a regular season team that outperforms last year’s team. Now people will notice that. Popovich can do it just by continuing to do what the Spurs always do. He’s arguably the best coach every season and he’s bound to win it one of these years.

Two great candidates sit at +700 in Tom Thibodeau and Brad Stevens. Brad Stevens could have the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference and a team that really takes a big leap forward. Everyone loves what he has done the past couple of years and you would think he’d be recognized for it at some point. Thibodeau is another great one as everyone expects the Wolves to make a large leap forward this season and make the playoffs. He would get a lot of the credit if that happened.

If you are looking for some great longshots, look no further than Luke Walton at +3300. I don’t think people realize just how good this team will be just by getting rid of Kobe Bryant. The players will be able to play their games and he should bring some of that Golden State style offense to LA. Showtime will be back and that should make the Lakers a much more fun team. Maybe not a playoff team, but still a very fun team.

I also like Steve Clifford at +5000 as well. He’s been doing great stuff in Charlotte without anything close to a superstar and he should do it again this year. With two teams filled with superstars set to dominate this NBA season, it’s easy to imagine a world where the voters want to honor a team without any.

2017 NBA Coach of the Year Odds at Sports Interaction

  • Steve Kerr +300
  • Tyronn Lue +400
  • Gregg Popovich +400
  • Tom Thibodeau +700
  • Brad Stevens +700
  • Doc Rivers +1000
  • Jeff Hornacek +1200
  • Quin Snyder +1200
  • Stan Van Gundy +2000
  • Nate McMillan +2000
  • Terry Stotts +2500
  • Dwane Casey +2500
  • Alvin Gentry +3000
  • David Fizdale +3000
  • Billy Donovan +3300
  • Erik Spoelstra +3300
  • Fred Hoiberg +3300
  • Luke Walton +3300
  • Mike D’Antoni +3300
  • Mike Budenholzer +4000
  • Scott Brooks +4000
  • Brett Brown +5000
  • Frank Vogel +5000
  • Jason Kidd +5000
  • Rick Carlisle +5000
  • Steve Clifford +5000
  • David Joerger +9000
  • Michael Malone +10000
  • Earl Watson +10000
  • Kenny Atkinson +15000

2017 NBA Rookie of the Year Betting Odds

Last season’s rookie of the year race seemed predetermined as Karl Antony-Towns was just that good and he made everyone else in his classic look like rookies. While this year’s class isn’t quite as cut and dried as last year’s: it’s easy to imagine this one going one of three ways.

The top odds currently go to Kris Dunn at +350. This is an interesting one from 5Dimes as he is likely to get some minutes for the Timberwolves this season, but he is clearly behind Ricky Rubio on the depth chart and Rubio is unlikely to give up that position. Kris Dunn is definitely an intriguing prospect, but rookie point guards always have a hard time transitioning and there is nothing about him that makes it seem like he’ll be any different.

Buddy Hield +375 comes in next and this is a guy that everyone loves. The words “NBA ready” surrounded him all offseason and he’s expected to not need much of an adjustment to the NBA. I’m not so sure about that and at the end of the day, he was still a senior in college last year while most of these players were freshmen. Maybe he’s just as good as he’ll ever be right now.

The top prospects for rookie of the year seem to be the top two picks and Joel Embiid.

Ben Simmons +400 will definitely get playing time for the 76ers this season and get multiple opportunities to prove himself. He is the great hope for the Sixers and he’ll get a chance to fill up the scoresheet similarly to the way that Michael Carter-Williams did when he was Rookie of the Year with Philadelphia. I could definitely see that type of season for him.

Brandon Ingram +550 is another good choice. The same can be said about him with the Lakers as he’ll definitely get playing time this year and Luke Walton’s offense looks to be a lot of fun. He doesn’t have to have a great rookie year to win this as this should be a weak year for immediate impact rookies.

My favorite pick though is Joel Embiid at +600. If this guy is halfway as good as everyone has been saying he is, he’ll be the second the second coming of Hakeem Olajuwon. A 7-footer with the skills of a guard. A completely unguardable offensive player who cleans up the boards and blocks shots. If he is anywhere close to what people say to him and manages to stay healthy then he is a shoo-in for this award.

Of course, the Celtics fans will tell you that Jaylen Brown +3000 is the best rookie out there. This is definitely an open year, but I think that one of the big three will take it.

NBA Rookie of the Year odds at 5Dimes

  • Kris Dunn +350
  • Buddy Hield +375
  • Ben Simmons +400
  • Brandon Ingram +550
  • Joel Embiid +600
  • Denzel Valentine +1600
  • Jamal Murray +2000
  • Thon Maker +2000
  • Wade Baldwin +2500
  • Marquese Chriss +2500
  • Jaylen Brown +3000
  • Caris Levert +3500
  • Domantas Sabonis +3500
  • Dragan Bender +3500
  • Malachi Richardson +4000
  • Jakob Poeltl +4000
  • Taurean Prince +4000

Keivn Durant to Warriors: Updated 2017 NBA Championship Odds

The rumors have been floating since last season that we might someday see Kevin Durant make his way to the Golden State Warriors. The rumors of his relationship with Russell Westbrook have always been there and there has been some very open flirting between Durant and the Warriors for months.

When Oklahoma City hired Billy Donovan, they did so hoping that he would be able to lead them to a championship and also so that he could convince Kevin Durant to stay. They played much tougher this season than they have over the past couple of seasons and even had a 3-1 series lead on the Golden State Warriors at one point. Then they went down and with them, the rumors started again. Continue Reading…

Cleveland are 2016 NBA Champions: 2017 Championship Futures

The Golden State Warriors owned this season from start to finish. Whether it was their historic 28-game win streak to start the season, the NBA record 73 wins in a season, Steph Curry or anything else, this season was about the Warriors. They were a strong favorite to win the NBA Finals all season long and there were games during the Finals itself when it looked like it was inevitable. This was the best team and this was their season. There was nothing that could be done to stop them.

Then they went up 3-1 in the NBA Finals and they only needed one more win to secure it. Two of those games would be at home. It didn’t matter.

The Cavaliers showed why they were one of the best teams in the league and Lebron James solidified his legacy as one of the all-time greats. There are excuses for the Warriors, Draymond’s suspension being a huge one that let the Cavaliers back into this series, but when it got to be Game 7 in Oakland it didn’t matter. The Cavs won. Cleveland was the champions.

As we head into the early 2017 odds, Bovada sees a possible rematch on the horizon and wouldn’t that be something? That has never happened in NBA history, two teams meeting three years in a row in the Finals, and it would be crazy if that streak was broken next year.

Golden State +200 is the favorite to win it again and why not? They had the best team this year and were historically great. It’s hard to see that team struggling and not making it back to this same place. They have a great roster and a great coach. They should be back again.

The Cleveland Cavaliers +225 already have some bulletin board material for next season as despite being the defending champions they are slightly behind the Warriors in the betting odds. This team is definitely one that has used the Warriors success and the media’s love of them as a motivating factor throughout this season and there is no doubt they will do this here as well.

Bovada also sees the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder as contenders for the championship next season, but that is expecting a lot. The Spurs could lose a big chunk of their team if any of Duncan, Ginobli or Parker retires. While the Oklahoma City Thunder have been rumored to lose Kevin Durant for months. The Durant to the Warriors rumors won’t go away.

You can check out complete odds and bet all your NBA action at http://www.Bovada.lv

Golden State Warriors+200
Cleveland Cavaliers+225
San Antonio Spurs+750
Oklahoma City Thunder+850
Los Angeles Clippers+2000
Boston Celtics+2500
Toronto Raptors+2500
Chicago Bulls+3300
Miami Heat+3300
Atlanta Hawks+5000
Houston Rockets+5000
Dallas Mavericks+6600
New Orleans Pelicans+6600
Charlotte Hornets+7500
Detroit Pistons+7500
Indiana Pacers+7500
Memphis Grizzlies+7500
Minnesota Timberwolves+7500
New York Knicks+7500
Portland Trail Blazers+7500
Washington Wizards+7500
Denver Nuggets+10000
Los Angeles Lakers+10000
Milwaukee Brewers+10000
Sacramento Kings+10000
Utah Jazz+10000
Orlando Magic+12500
Philadelphia 76ers+15000
Phoenix Suns+15000
Brooklyn Nets+25000

NBA Draft Lottery Betting Odds

5Dimes has posted a list of betting odds for the top three in the NBA Draft Lottery that takes place next Tuesday. This is a pretty comprehensive list and shows just how hard it is to nail the top three teams in the draft. The 76ers, Lakers and Nets have the best lottery odds of going 1-2-3, but that bet is over 50/1 to come in. There is so many ping pong balls and so many potential orders that this just seems impossible to bet on with any sort of certainty.

There are tons of betting options here, but there are actually some potential outcomes that aren’t even listed. For instance, if you wanted to bet the Milwaukee Bucks to get the number one overall pick, you can’t. The Bucks have just a 1.8% chance of moving to the number one spot and the bookmakers deemed that not worth the potential loss. You also can’t make a bet involving the Chicago Bulls who have just a 0.5% chance of the #1 pick and a 1.8% chance of a top three pick. That makes sense, from an odds perspective, but we have seen these things happen before and we will see them again. The lottery is exactly that.

Complete odds are below. Make a bet on any of these at http://www.5dimes.com Continue Reading…