2019 NBA Championship Odds

We have entered the final day of the NBA season and while there is still a lot of playoff seeding/match-up stuff at stake for tonight’s games, the top of the league isn’t changing and their championship contenders are just waiting for the playoffs to start. We have a busy week ahead of us so let’s take a look at the latest 2019 NBA Championship Betting Odds.

NBA Championship Futures
Golden State Warriors  -190
Milwaukee Bucks  +725
Toronto Raptors  +875
Houston Rockets  +1150
Boston Celtics  +1600
Philadelphia 76ers  +3100
Denver Nuggets  +3200
Oklahoma City Thunder  +6500
Utah Jazz  +7000
Portland Trail Blazers  +20000
San Antonio Spurs  +30000
Los Angeles Clippers  +35000
Indiana Pacers  +50000
Orlando Magic  +75000
Brooklyn Nets  +85000
Detroit Pistons  +150000
Charlotte Hornets  +500000

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The 2019 NBA season is upon us and with that comes the 2019 NBA Championship Odds. The Warriors entered 2018 as the favorite to win the title at +140 and this year they enter as a even bigger favorite at anywhere from -150 to -222. It’s easy to see why. This team has been operating on another level for the past few seasons and the combination of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry is really hard to beat. Throw in DeMarcus Cousins to this year’s playoff roster and it makes sense. It’s no fun, but it makes sense. This creates some really good values for some of the other top teams in the league though and if you believe the Warriors are vulnerable, there are some great values out there. 

[geocode id=2]The Eastern Conference teams who will have an easier path to the Finals are all strong values. You can get the Celtics at 5/1 and that team looks very dangerous. A healthy Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward added to a team that made the Eastern Conference Finals last year (and won’t have to go through LeBron James again) looks like a lock to make the Finals this year. With one of the best coaches in the league in Brad Stevens and one of the deepest benches in th league, I could see them putting something together that stops Golden State. Likely, no. Possible, yes.

The Raptors are the other team that could make a dent in the East this year. They added Kawhi Leonard who is one of the best players in the league and they also have a deep bench. A big leap forward for the Sixers is likely as well since Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are only going to get better. Will Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton be able to carry their team to the next level? If you want value, look East.

The Rockets nearly beat the Warriors last season, but they broke down at the end. On paper, this team looks worse off but I wouldn’t doubt them. James Harden is one of the best offensive players in the game and if Chris Paul had stayed healthy last year, who knows? They play in the West though and there is no scenario where they don’t have to go through Golden State to get there. That’s tough.

Lebron to the Lakers is the story of the offseason, but I think this team is really overrated in terms of betting odds. They are the fourth favorite and third in the West. Is this the third best team in the West? I don’t see how. I think that distinction belongs to Utah or Oklahoma City. Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball developing into big time players is the key to this team and I just don’t see that happening this year.

The Jazz might be the best play out there. They don’t have the superstars, but this team was one of the best in the game last year and they should only improve with Donovan Mitchell in his second year. A healthier Rudy Gobert would make a big difference as well.

Year two of Russell Westbrook and Paul George should go better now that Carmelo is in Houston. The addition of Dennis Schroder was the steal of the offseason and this team should make some noise. Wesbtrook’s surgery does create questions though. Seeding matters in the West.

A lot of good options out there outside of the Warriors. The complete betting odds are below from the four top sportsbooks in the game right now. Just click the odds at your sportsbook of choice to make a bet today.


TeamBetOnlineBovadaSports Interaction888 Sport
Golden State Warriors-165-195-222-150
Boston Celtics+615+500+550+525
Houston Rockets+1000+850+900+600
Los Angeles Lakers+1400+1000+1000+800
Philadelphia 76ers+2000+1600+1500+1400
Toronto Raptors+2000+1400+1300+1700
Oklahoma City Thunder+4000+3000+3000+4000
Milwaukee Bucks+10000+10000+7000+7000
San Antonio Spurs+10000+8000+5000+6000
Utah Jazz+10000+7500+3500+6000
Washington Wizards+10000+10000+8000+10000
Indiana Pacers+12500+12500+9000+10000
New Orleans Pelicans+15000+12500+7000+9000
Minnesota Timberwolves+20000+15000+6000+10000
Portland Trail Blazers+20000+15000+10000+10000
Denver Nuggets+21500+12500+7000+10000
Dallas Mavericks+30000+25000+12500+10000
Miami Heat+35000+30000+15000+30000
Detroit Pistons+40000+30000+15000+30000
Los Angeles Clippers+40000+25000+20000+20000
New York Knicks+45000+40000+20000+30000
Charlotte Hornets+50000+30000+25000+30000
Chicago Bulls+50000+30000+30000+30000
Cleveland Cavaliers+50000+45000+20000+40000
Memphis Grizzlies+75000+50000+25000+50000
Orlando Magic+75000+45000+30000+40000
Phoenix Suns+75000+40000+20000+20000
Brooklyn Nets+130000+45000+25000+40000
Atlanta Hawks+150000+40000+30000+30000
Sacramento Kings+200000+50000+30000+40000

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