NBA Top 30 for November 2nd, 2015

The NBA Top 30 is our weekly post aimed on ranking the teams from best to worst with a 2016 NBA Futures minded approach. Using a combination of futures odds, standings and our own eye test we look to scout the NBA championship winner long before the Finals.  

Welcome to the inaugural NBA Top 30 where we rank the best teams in the NBA all the way down to the Sixers. We start each week with the Vine that blows your mind. It’s the…

Play of the Week:

The Magic and Thunder played a crazy game featuring multiple buzzer beaters. My favorite has to be Russell Westbrook’s at the end of regulation. It’s so deep, there’s no time left and you never really doubted it. #CLUTCH

Stuff of the Week:

While Westbrook’s heroics came against the young Magic, our stuff of the week came straight out of a possible Eastern Conference Finals match-up. With the Cavs down two they gave the ball to the best player on earth and Pau Gasol was having none of it.

We have a long way to go before we find out if that block ends up being meaningful in any way. Below you’ll find this week’s NBA Top 30 with current futures odds courtesy of Bovada.

NBA Top 30

1. Golden State Warriors (+375)

The champions are absolutely rolling through three games. They just played their closest game of the season, with Steph Curry dropping 53 points, against the Pelicans where they won by 14 points. Through three games their point differential is +50. Forget about a championship hangover, this team is ready for a repeat.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder (+600)

A huge win on opening night against the Spurs followed by a double-OT thriller that saw Westbrook and Durant both going for 40 points has us thinking the Thunder are back. While the defense still leaves something to be desired, the offense is right there with the Warriors as the scariest in the league. We’ll feel a lot better with this ranking once we see about 20 more games of Durant like this, but right now they look like a 60 win team.

3. San Antonio Spurs (+425)

They lost on opening night and now they might not lose for the rest of November. Only three of their next thirteen games are against projected playoff teams. This early soft schedule might help them stay competitive while better acclimating LaMarcus Aldridge better to the system. Once that happens I’m not sure it matters who they play.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers (+300)

They’ve done a much better job of utilizing Kevin Love thus far and have gotten away from the isolation caveman ball they played for much of last season. Of course, they are still doing all that without Kyrie Irving and we won’t know what this team is going to be capable of until he returns.

5. Los Angeles Clippers (+900)

Undefeated through three games and they’ve looked great thus far. The only problem with them is they play against all these West teams above. Then again, if this is the version of Lance Stephenson they are getting this season…

Look out.

6. Chicago Bulls (+1000)

The Bulls are always the hardest team to judge because so much of what they do or could do depends on what the Cavs do. If the Cavs are human this season, the Bulls could be the team to beat in the East. If the Cavs are simply playing coy until Kyrie gets back and it gets closer to the playoffs, well… sorry, Bulls fans.

7. Houston Rockets (+2000)

Our last true contender currently sits at 0-3 so maybe they aren’t a true contender at all. They were up 21 on Sunday to the Heat before losing by twenty. That’s not very good. Rumors of James Harden and Ty Lawson partying with Meek Mill the night before don’t help the early season panic surrounding this team. Not to mention the fact that Lawson out partying is somewhat problematic based on his history with alcohol.

Still, we had this team pegged as one of the best in the West before the season and they should round into form eventually. There’s just too much talent here for them not to be in it.

8. Washington Wizards (+4000)
9. Miami Heat (+4000)
10. Atlanta Hawks (+4000)

The “If something happens to Lebron and/or the Bulls” contenders.

11. Memphis Grizzlies (+4000)
12. New Orleans Pelicans (+5000)

The tough, but not good enough West teams.

13. Toronto Raptors (+5000)
14. Detroit Pistons (+6600)

The “only if something really, really, REALLY crazy happens in the East” contenders.

15. Utah Jazz (+10000)
16. Boston Celtics (+10000)

The young and not fun to play in the playoffs, but ultimately harmless teams.

The Rest:

17. Indiana Pacers (+7500)
18. Milwaukee Bucks (+7500)
19. New York Knicks (+7500)
20. Dallas Mavericks (+10000)
21. Phoenix Suns (+25000)
22. Sacramento Kings (+10000)
23. Minnesota Timberwolves (+10000)
24. Los Angeles Lakers (+20000)
25. Orlando Magic (+30000)
26. Charlotte Hornets (+30000)
27. Portland Trail Blazers (+25000)
28. Brooklyn Nets (+30000)
29. Denver Nuggets (+30000)
30. Philadelphia 76ers (+50000)

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