2019 NBA MVP Betting Odds

The 2019 NBA MVP betting odds are out and the favorite is no surprise, LeBron James. He’s been dancing around this award for the past several seasons and he is the best player in the game right now so him being favored to win seems like a smart move. If the Lakers are going to do anything this season, it’ll be because of LeBron so this is a solid line. That said, he hasn’t won this in the past several years as there is always another player out there who plays the regular season just a bit harder. I think that will be the case again this year and this award is pretty wide open. 

[geocode id=2]Two young players who are looking to have major seasons are right behind him in the odds. Anthony Davis and Giannis Antetokounmpo are two great bets to win this award.

Davis is one of the best players in the league and virtually unguardable. He’s big and can play anywhere, he can defend and rebound. His stat sheet will always look impressive and now that DeMarcus Cousins is out of the picture, he should really get a chance to show what he can do all by himself. I’ve had him as a favorite to win this award the past couple of seasons as he seems very capable of putting up an insane stat line and dragging his team to the playoffs. Injuries are always an issue with him though and that can derail an MVP season in a hurry. There are just too many good players to miss a good chunk of games and still win this thing.
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My personal favorite to win this award is Giannis. I think it’s time. He’ll have the best coach of his young career and Mike Budenholzer should utilize him in ways that he’s never been before. This team is also built much better around him than the past few years and this will also be the best roster that he’s played with. This is the year of the Giannis breakout and it feels like it will be his year all around. Top-3 seed in the East, top Eastern Conference vote getter for the All-Star Game and MVP. Let’s do it.

James Harden will put up the stats to win this award again. He’s just too important to everything the Rockets not to. Same can be said about Russell Westbrook, but it’s hard to see him winning again based on stats alone. The Warriors big two of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are always threats to win here as well. There are a ton of good candidates.

Check out the full odds for the 2019 NBA MVP award below:

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LeBron James+333+335+270+350
Anthony Davis+450+400+450+500
Giannis Antetokounmpo+500+475+450+500
James Harden+650+550+695+300
Kawhi Leonard+950+1000+565+1000
Kevin Durant+1000+900+1100+800
Stephen Curry+1200+1000+1800+1400
Joel Embiid+1500+1600+1700+1400
Kyrie Irving+1500+1500+1700+1400
Russell Westbrook+1600+1400+1300+1100
Ben Simmons+2500+3600+2700+3400
Donovan Mitchell+2500+3000+6600+5000
Damian Lillard+3500+3500+5200+3400
Karl-Anthony Towns+6000+5000+3700+6000
Victor Oladipo+6600+6600+7900+10000
John Wall+7500+7500+8200+8000
DeMar DeRozan+8000+8250+5700+10000
Nikola Jokic+10000+8500+6700+10000
Chris Paul+10000+10000+9300+7000
Jimmy Butler+10000+11500+9100+12500
Paul George+12500+12500+10800+10000
LaMarcus Aldridge+12500+13000+11800+25000
Gordon Hayward+15000+15000+14700+15000
Jayson Tatum+15000+15000+14800+25000
DeMarcus Cousins+17500+17000+14700+25000
Blake Griffin+22500+22500+14700+25000
Kristaps Porzingis+27500+27500+14700+25000
Devin Booker+27500+28000+17700+50000
Kyle Lowry+32500+32500+7700
Lonzo Ball+45000+45000+35300
Kevin Love+50000+50000+20800+50000
Luka Doncic+35000+100000
Al Horford+50000+25000
Terry Rozier+50000+50000
Bradley Beal+60000+29500+50000
Andre Drummond+75000+30000
Kemba Walker+75000+100000
Klay Thompson+75000+35300+50000
Kyle Kuzma+82500+29500
Draymond Green+100000+29500+50000
Isaiah Thomas+100000
Marc Gasol+200000+100000
Jaylen Brown+30900
Aaron Gordon+29500
Khris Middleton+14700
Carmelo Anthony+35300

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