NBA Division Odds: Pacific, Northwest, Southwest

The NBA Division Odds are out and we already covered the Eastern Conference division odds, now we’ll tackle the West. Last year we saw the Rockets and Warriors almost laughably win their divisions. The Warriors had a 16-game advantage over the second place team and the Rockets had 17-game advantage over the next best team. Those two divisions don’t look to change much, but the Northwest is a different story. Only two games separated the first and fifth place team in this division last year and that will likely happen again this year. Let’s take a look.

[geocode id=2]We’ll start with the Northwest which should be the tightest of all the divisions. The favorite depends on which book you go to, but it’s usually the Oklahoma City Thunder. I suppose this makes sense. They have Russell Westbrook and Paul George, and their team is filled with role players that compliment them. Carmelo Anthony is gone and this should be a strong defensive team. That said, there are issues. Westbrook is dealing with an injury and Andre Roberson, who was so key to the defense last season, is still out.

The team I like more here is the Utah Jazz. They are hard to quantify because they went on that huge run last year, but I think that was closer to who they actually are. Donovan Mitchell is a player in this league and Rudy Gobert might be the biggest game changer on defense in the league. Ricky Rubio made a big leap on offense last year and Dante Exum could still be something special. This is a great team and Quin Snyder is one of the league’s most underrated coaches. I think they are taking this division.

The bottom three surprised me. The Nuggets are about right and you can’t even think about the Wolves right now until the Jimmy Butler situation figures itself out, but the Blazers actually won this division last year. How rude. The Jazz are still my pick, but I might like the Blazers more than I like the Thunder here.


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Oklahoma City Thunder+210+225  +200+225
Utah Jazz+220+215  +210+225
Denver Nuggets+450+400  +420+400
Minnesota Timberwolves+550+500  +520+400
Portland Trail Blazers+650+550  +670+550

LeBron James heading to the Lakers took a couple of points off the Warriors huge number, but not nearly enough to make them a worthwhile bet. I think the Lakers are a playoff team this year for sure and I think Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart will be fantastic next to LeBron. I don’t think they are touching the Warriors though. This team can win 70 games again if they want to. I don’t think they want to, but they definitely could. Let them get another ring and send Kevin Durant elsewhere. This dominance stuff is great for the history books, but not for what we do around here.


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Golden State Warriors-2000-10000  -1450-3333
Los Angeles Lakers+700+900  +1100+1100
Los Angeles Clippers+5000+4000  +10000+3000
Phoenix Suns+15000+8000  +25000+2500
Sacramento Kings+20000+10000  +75000+4000

The Rockets are once again a big favorite. They saw some change over as Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza and Luc Richard Mbah A Moute all headed elsewhere, but I always believe in this team’s roster building. Carmelo Anthony will fill some of that role, Brandon Knight is here and the front office always has something up their sleeve. It’s really hard to make a case for any of these other teams.

The Spurs could be a 50-win team, but that won’t really be enough in this division. I could see Anthony Davis bringing the Pelicans to new heights, but 55+ wins? I just can’t see it. The Rockets are the favorite for good reason.

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Houston Rockets-450-833  -440-667
San Antonio Spurs+600+850  +775+650
New Orleans Pelicans+800+925  +875+850
Dallas Mavericks+5500+4000+2600
Memphis Grizzlies+6000+4000  +6500+5000

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