The Wizards are open for business

The Wizards are off to a 5-11 and the drama is at an all-time high with this squad. All the reports are bad right now. John Wall told his coach to “f— you”. Kelly Oubre is also swearing at the coach, Bradley Beal is fighting Kelly Oubre Jr., and John Wall got into it with Jeff Green. That’s just the stuff we know about. All the reports are bad with this team right now and it looks like it is finally time for them to blow it up. 

This team has been intriguing, but not actually good for a number of years now. A couple of seasons ago they had the awesome starting five that was better than any other starting five in the league. They had the time when they were great at home and didn’t lose there in the playoffs. One time they upset the Raptors in the first round. Despite all those seasons, this team never won even 50 games in a season and remained in that “intriguing” category. Always on the verge of doing something special, but never quite getting there and now it’s this.

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For the Wizards to put that story with Woj is a clear sign to the other teams in this league right now that they are open for business. It doesn’t seem as if this is going to be a full tear down, but instead more of a shakeup. They’d like to move Otto Porter and Kelly Oubre for a third star to pair with Wall and Beal, but that just isn’t happening and the contract of Porter is near unmovable.

[geocode id=2]The team would probably like to trade John Wall, but there are complications there as well. He is due for the super-max contract, 4 years and $170 million, that starts next season. That is a contract that won’t age well and will be hard to move. He also has a 15% trade kicker that the Wizards would have to pay. He could negotiate down if he really wants it out, but that is a ton of money and it’s a question as to whether the Wizards ownership wants to pay that.

That leaves Beal who should be a highly desirable player around the league. He could probably get back the best package of assets of anyone on this team, but at the same time is probably their best player to potentially build around. It’s not a good spot for this team to be in.

There are teams where moving these guys makes sense though. One trade that I like a lot for the Wizards is moving Wall to the Miami Heat for Goran Dragic. This works on two levels.

First, the Wizards played great last season when Wall went down and Tomas Satoransky took most of his minutes. A distributing point guard with Beal as the clear top scorer would help this team immensely. It would also save the Wizards money moving forward.

Second, that works for Wall as well. The main issue with him appears to be the rumored lack of conditioning. That will not happen in Miami. That team has strict rules about player’s body fat and he will have to adhere to it. That has the potential to really up his game and he’ll also be playing for the best coach he’s ever played for. It also sets Miami up with a superstar, something they don’t really have right now.

That’s a trade I can see working. Orlando and Phoenix have needs for point guards, but I just don’t see a match there. I wonder if Detroit would kick the tires on a Reggie Jackson trade, but that would tie up so much of Detroit’s cap in Andre Drummond, Wall, and Blake Griffin that it would be near impossible to ever add anyone else. Like a Warriors level cap situation. You could almost see New Orleans doing something crazy in an attempt to please Anthony Davis, but that has disaster written all over it. I think Miami is the best fit for both teams and Wall.

For Bradley Beal, if the team is willing to trade him then I would expect some huge offers. The Lakers are a team that should do whatever it takes to get him. He would be the perfect fit next to LeBron James. Would they have to give up Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball to get him? Ball and Kyle Kuzma? The trade would improve them, but create another hole. This is where those Kentavius Caldwell-Pope and Lance Stephenson type contracts come in handy as you pair them with your young players to make it happen and the Wizards get a cleaned up cap.

I can’t see the Celtics making their move with Beal as they have plenty of his player type right now and are probably saving their collection of assets for a potential Davis trade down the line. However, one team I wouldn’t sleep on is the LA Clippers. This team has been awesome this season, but they’ve never been able to lure free agents. Beal would help with that. How about Beal for Avery Bradley, Miles Tedocic and Jerome Robinson? The Wizards save about $4 million and get a replacement guard and a potential future replacement.

That trade couldn’t happen until January 15th thanks to Bradley signing late while the Lakers one could happen on December 15th. Most trades are on hold til then, but the Wizards should be getting a lot of interesting offers and it definitely feels like one of these guys moving could be a big story down the road.

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