Latest 2019 NBA Championship Futures

We have entered the final day of the NBA season and while there is still a lot of playoff seeding/match-up stuff at stake for tonight’s games, the top of the league isn’t changing and their championship contenders are just waiting for the playoffs to start. We have a busy week ahead of us so let’s take a look at the latest 2019 NBA Championship Betting Odds.

[geocode id=2]Despite all of the drama that we’ve seen with this team and all of the red flags, the Warriors remain the favorite to win the Championship at -190. They are the top seed in the Western Conference and whoever wants to beat them will have to go through Oakland. This is also the last season of the Warriors in Oakland so you have to think this will take on some special meaning. That said, it’s no secret that Kevin Durant most likely has his foot out the door and that can’t be great for chemistry. The defense hasn’t quite been what it was in year’s past and the bench has been worse than in year’s past as well.

That said, this is still the Warriors and they deserve this placement. Durant, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are three of the greatest shooters of all-time and when this offense is clicking there isn’t a team in the league that can shut them down. I do feel they are a bit more vulnerable than year’s past though.

Of course, it’s no guarantee the Warriors even make the playoffs. Last season we saw the Rockets take them to game seven and if it wasn’t for historically bad shooting from three-point range, they might’ve won. James Harden has somehow went up a level and Chris Paul is looking healthy. They have a game plan to beat the Warriors and the Warriors are more ripe for the pickings than ever before.

My favorite play is the Milwaukee Bucks at +725. I actually jumped on this a month ago at +950, but I still think it’s a great value. Giannis Antetokounmpo may be the most unguardable player in this league and his defense should not be underrated. The Bucks have had some injuries, notably Malcolm Brogdon and Nikola Mirotic, but they should be back for round two. The Bucks round one opponent will be a breeze. This is probably the deepest team in either conference. Last year saw a huge playoff performance from Khris Middleton while Eric Bledsoe definitely has something to prove. This team reminds me a lot of the Warriors when they won the first time and are a great value here.
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The Raptors remain having great odds, but there is just something off about this team to me. It almost feels like two teams. The one team where Kawhi Leonard plays and Kawhi is kind of a ball-dominant guard, and the other team with Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam leading the way. This will be the team at full strength and I’m just not sure they’ve ever truly gelled.

I think the 76ers have great odds at +3100. They made the trades for Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler this season, and that gives them the best starting five in the East. Ben Simmons, J.J. Redick and Joel Embiid fill out that lineup and when they play together, they have been fantastic. In the ten games and 161 minutes they’ve played together, they’ve posted a 119.0 Offensive Rating and a Defensive Rating of 101.4. That’s really good. Of course, there is question about ball sharing and chemistry that will pop up in the playoffs.

Complete odds are below. Playoffs start Saturday.

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NBA Championship Futures
Golden State Warriors[geocode id=5]-190
Milwaukee Bucks[geocode id=5]+725
Toronto Raptors[geocode id=5]+875
Houston Rockets[geocode id=5]+1150
Boston Celtics[geocode id=5]+1600
Philadelphia 76ers[geocode id=5]+3100
Denver Nuggets[geocode id=5]+3200
Oklahoma City Thunder[geocode id=5]+6500
Utah Jazz[geocode id=5]+7000
Portland Trail Blazers[geocode id=5]+20000
San Antonio Spurs[geocode id=5]+30000
Los Angeles Clippers[geocode id=5]+35000
Indiana Pacers[geocode id=5]+50000
Orlando Magic[geocode id=5]+75000
Brooklyn Nets[geocode id=5]+85000
Detroit Pistons[geocode id=5]+150000
Charlotte Hornets[geocode id=5]+500000

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