2015-16 NBA Championship Futures as of November 18th, 2015

The NBA season is a little over three weeks old and already we have seen massive shifts in the NBA futures since the pre-season. BetOnline Sportsbook has updated their NBA Future odds and we have the latest odds here for you.

The biggest shift, as you may know from reading the NBA Top 30, is the defending champion Golden State Warriors. In the pre-season they were sitting at +480 to win the championship, but currently sit at just +270. That pre-season line may end up being the steal of the season as the way they have been playing thus far shows them to be a far better team than they were last season. They’ve started the season with a 12-0 record and already people are talking about the possibility of them winning 70 games this season. Golden State is really that good of a basketball team. There is still a long way to go, but if the Warriors keep up at this pace they will be a huge favorite heading into the playoffs and this line could end up going even further down.

The Warriors dominance has seen a shift throughout the West as the Oklahoma City Thunder went from +750 to +850, the Los Angeles Clippers went from +1200 to +1250 and the Houston Rockets went from +1500 to +2000. Although the Rockets early play has been so bad that they fired Kevin McHale so they have just as much to do with this ranking as the Warriors do.

The only West team unaffected by the Warriors early run is the San Antonio Spurs who are a +410 favorite after being +500 in the pre-season. They’ve had a soft early schedule and taken full advantage of it. They currently have the second best point differential in the NBA behind the Warriors and that’s without fully utilizing the talents of LaMarcus Aldrige. Let’s hope the NBA gods bless us with a match-up between the Spurs and the Warriors this year because that could be some of the greatest basketball ever played.

The top team remains the Cleveland Cavaliers at +265. They are the cream of the Eastern Conference and there isn’t really many to challenge them for that crown. They’ve gotten off to a great start this season and look destined for the Finals again. They’ve looked great without Kyrie Irving playing and could take things to a whole new level once he returns. The Cavaliers are the only team really worth talking about the in the Eastern Conference so let’s just leave it at that.

Complete NBA Championship Futures are below courtesy of BetOnline Sportsbook. You can bet any of these by going to http://www.BetOnline.com

Cleveland Cavaliers  +265
Golden State Warriors  +270
San Antonio Spurs  +410
Oklahoma City Thunder  +850
Los Angeles Clippers  +1250
Chicago Bulls  +1800
Houston Rockets  +2000
Miami Heat  +3000
Atlanta Hawks  +3300
Toronto Raptors  +4500
Washington Wizards  +4500
Memphis Grizzlies  +5500
Indiana Pacers  +10000
New Orleans Pelicans  +10000
Utah Jazz  +11000
Boston Celtics  +12000
Milwaukee Bucks  +12000
Detroit Pistons  +13500
Dallas Mavericks  +15000
Phoenix Suns  +23000
Portland Trail Blazers  +25000
Minnesota Timberwolves  +30000
New York Knicks  +30000
Sacramento Kings  +30000
Charlotte Hornets  +40000
Orlando Magic  +55000
Brooklyn Nets  +100000
Denver Nuggets  +100000
Los Angeles Lakers  +100000
Philadelphia 76ers  +150000

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