2016 NBA Western Conference Futures

The NBA season is barely 20 games old for most teams, but already the Warriors dynasty looks to be unstoppable. That’s right, I said dynasty. The Golden State Warriors are just playing at another level than any other team in the league right now and it’s hard to imagine anyone stopping their combination of unstoppable offense and stifling defense. Steph Curry seems to be a lock for MVP again this year as he is clearly the best player in the NBA this season. The Warriors at +100 is a steal, especially when you consider the Cavaliers are -280 to win the East.

Of course, a big reason why they are “only” an even money bet is the existence of the San Antonio Spurs who currently sit at +250. They have looked different this season than they have in the past as they are in a bit of a transition year with Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge taking over the roles of team leaders from Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli. Still, they have the best coach in the NBA and they are playing some seriously tough defense. If they are able to get all their parts working together, look out. The Warriors managed to avoid playing the Spurs in their run through the playoffs last year and it’s hard to imagine they will be that lucky again this year. This is the match-up we should all be hoping for as it is likely to be far more intriguing than the Cavaliers and Warriors.

Up next we have the Oklahoma City Thunder at +700. As long as they have Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook playing together they are a threat, but they are pretty far behind the Spurs and Warriors in just about every other aspect of the game. Billy Donovan hasn’t proved himself to be an upgrade over Scott Brooks and that is definitely an issue when you’ll have to go through the Spurs and/or Warriors in the playoffs. This is the right place for them.

The biggest drop of we have seen is the Houston Rockets who are all the way down to +2200. Whatever magic they worked last season has simply not been there this year. The biggest culprit to their demise is probably James Harden who did not come into the season looking like he was in shape or prepared to carry the load he did last season. This team was a Finals favorite before the year, but now it seems like a struggle to make the playoffs. Ty Lawson is reportedly already on the trading block and this whole thing feels like a mess. I want to think they will right the ship, but there is no way they are contending again this year. It’s sad, really.

Complete 2016 NBA Western Conference Futures odds are below courtesy of 5Dimes. You can bet any of these at http://www.5Dimes.com


Golden State Warriors  +100
San Antonio Spurs  +250
Oklahoma City Thunder  +700
Los Angeles Clippers  +855
Houston Rockets  +2200
Memphis Grizzlies  +4000
Dallas Mavericks  +8000
Utah Jazz  +8000
Phoenix Suns  +12500
Minnesota Timberwolves  +15000
New Orleans Pelicans  +15000
Portland Trailblazers  +25000
Sacramento Kings  +25000
Denver Nuggets  +35000
Los Angeles Lakers  +12000