NBA Top 30 for December 7th, 2015

The NBA Top 30 is our weekly post aimed on ranking the teams from best to worst with a 2016 NBA Futures minded approach. Using a combination of futures odds, standings and our own eye test we look to scout the NBA championship winner long before the Finals.  

We’ve officially hit the one quarter mark of the NBA season and thinks look as clear (and unclear) as they’ll ever look. The clear part is that the Golden State Warriors are the very best team in the NBA and it’s not looking like anyone is going to be able to stop them on their quest to repeat for the championship. The Cleveland Cavaliers look to be in a similar position in the East, but nothing close to the undefeated Warriors who have a chance to be one of the greatest regular season NBA teams of all-time. This is getting serious.

The unclear part? Just about everything else. The 3 through 7 seeds in the West all have the same amount of losses and are separated by just two games in the standings. The East is similar in standings with the 3 through 10 seeds separated by just 1.5 games. The East has gotten a lot better, but it’s looking more and more like another season where the top two seeds meet in the conference Finals. The only real question is: who will those teams be, besides the Warriors and Heat?

Play of the Week:

When you think of Kevin Durant you usually think smooth shooting and impossible threes, but he is so very much more than that as he showed Miami this week.

Stuff of the Week:

The Heat are a lot of fun thus far this season. They are currently tied with the Cavs for the top seed in the East and that is a very intriguing match-up come playoff time. They got a little taste of what that might be like (albeit without Lebron) this week and Hassan Whiteside showed them just how tough of a match-up he’ll be.

Below you’ll find this week’s NBA Top 30 with current future odds courtesy of Bovada.

NBA Top 30

1. Golden State Warriors (+140)

What can I say about this team that hasn’t been said? We are 1/4th of the way through the season and they haven’t lost a game. They are only 12 wins away from tying the all-time record for consecutive wins. If they somehow manage to get there, when will they ever lose? Will they lose? There have been close calls this season, but nobody in this league is on their level. Can we have the playoffs now?

2. San Antonio Spurs (+500)

In any other season, the Spurs at 18-4 would be the story as the sure thing Finals contender. Instead, they are playing second fiddle to the Warriors dynasty. While they play in the same conference, this is the greatest threat to the Warriors chances of repeating. They are an extremely tough team to play and their defense has been stifling thus far this season. Their +11.9 scoring average is second in the NBA and they are the only other NBA team with less than seven losses. This could be the greatest Western Conference Finals we ever see in our lives. I can’t wait.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers +300

Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert are nearing their returns which means that we’ll start seeing a lot less of Mo Williams, Delly and Richard Jefferson. That means that the best team in the East is about to get a whole lot better. I still want to see Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love look like they are working together before I put them as a real threat to the Warriors, but getting healthy could take this team to another level.

4. Miami Heat +2000

Probably a little high, but I think the Heat have a better chance of beating the Cavs than the Thunder or Clippers have of beating San Antonio or Golden State.

Then again, this could be smoke and mirrors. The Heat have played on five road games and fourteen home games. I believe that this team is for real, but we won’t know for sure until we see them hit the road.

5. Oklahoma City Thunder +1400

The same place they always are. If something happens to the Spurs or Warriors, they are probably a favorite to make the Western Conference. If they don’t? Sorry.

The Rest:

6. Los Angeles Clippers (+1400)
7. Indiana Pacers (+2800)
8. Houston Rockets (+3300)
9. Chicago Bulls (+1400)
10. Toronto Raptors (+4000)
11. Boston Celtics (+7500)
12. Dallas Mavericks (+10000)
13. Atlanta Hawks (+4000)
14. Utah Jazz (+10000)
15. Charlotte Hornets (+10000)
16. Washington Wizards (+10000)
17. Memphis Grizzlies (+6600)
18. Phoenix Suns (+25000)
19. Orlando Magic (+10000)
20. Detroit Pistons (+10000)
21. New York Knicks (+15000)
22. Portland Trailblazers (+30000)
23. Milwaukee Bucks (+15000)
24. Minnesota Timberwolves (+25000)
25. New Orleans Pelicans (+15000)
26. Sacramento Kings (+30000)
27. Denver Nuggets (+50000)
28. Brooklyn Nets (+50000)
29. Los Angeles Lakers (+100000)
30. Philadelphia 76ers