NBA Championship Futures – January 2016

Bovada has updated us with their latest NBA Championship Futures and the Warriors are bigger favorites than ever. They currently sit at 31-2 and the possibility of a 70-win season is very, very real. Steph Curry looks like a shoe-in for the MVP award and they are a big favorite to repeat for the championship at +125. As long as Draymond Green and Steph Curry can stay healthy I find it hard to argue with these odds at all. We are looking at a potentially all-time great basketball team right here.

Coming up next is their eventual opponent in the NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers at +275. I wouldn’t say that the Cavaliers are quite on the Warriors level this year, but the competition in the East doesn’t seem to hold any true challenges for Lebron and company. The next closest Eastern Conference team is the Chicago Bulls at just +2500. The Cavs Finals odds have a lot more with the fact that they will absolutely be in the Finals than their chances of winning them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t a great team or don’t have a shot, they just have a lot easier path to the championship than the other teams in the top five.

Which is why the San Antonio Spurs, probably the second best team in the NBA, come in at +400 right now. Personally, I think this team is built to compete with the Warriors in a seven game series and could even beat them. If anyone in this league could do it, it’s this team. This makes this line the best bet of all of the futures. The Spurs are a machine and they are ready for the playoffs. This could be the last run of Duncan, Parker and Ginobli so this is probably their last, best chance to grab one more ring. That series is one we were robbed of last season and I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that this year. When it finally happens, that series will crown the champion. I truly believe that.

Rounding out the top five are the Oklahoma City Thunder at +800 and the Los Angeles Clippers at +1600. These are two good, but flawed teams who have probably missed their championship window thanks to the Golden State Warriors. If something happens injury wise these teams might be a good bet, but as long as they are playing in a conference with the Spurs and Warriors they aren’t likely to make it out of the second round. You have to wonder if these two teams are going to make some big changes going forward if they don’t get it done this year. RIP Lob City? Stay tuned.

Complete NBA Championship Futures as of January, 4th 2016 are below. You can bet any of these futures at

Golden State Warriors +125
Cleveland Cavaliers +275
San Antonio Spurs +400
Oklahoma City Thunder +800
Los Angeles Clippers +1600
Chicago Bulls +2500
Atlanta Hawks +3300
Miami Heat +4000
Indiana Pacers +4000
Toronto Raptors +5000
Houston Rockets +6600
Boston Celtics +6600
Dallas Mavericks +10000
Memphis Grizzlies +15000
Detroit Pistons +20000
Washington Wizards +20000
Charlotte Hornets +20000
New York Knicks +30000
Utah Jazz +30000
Orlando Magic +30000
Milwaukee Bucks +50000
Phoenix Suns +50000
Minnesota Timberwolves +50000
Sacramento Kings +50000
New Orleans Pelicans +100000
Portland Trail Blazers +100000
Denver Nuggets +100000
Brooklyn Nets +100000