Latest NBA Championship Futures

A lot of people have been saying that this season of the NBA is a boring one because of the inevitability of it all. The Warriors are going to run through everyone, the Warriors are so dominant it’s not even exciting and on and on. There is reality to this. Golden State is an all-time great team and they could challenge the Bulls record of 72 wins in the regular season. Of course, the regular season is not the playoffs, but I am really not sure if it matters anymore.

Looking at the odds, the bookmakers are feeling it too. 5Dimes latest NBA Futures have the Golden State Warriors as -108 to win the championship. It’s only $8, but you have to wager more than you’ll get back for the Warriors to get through the rest of the regular season unharmed, win two series in a row, then face the Spurs/Thunder, win that and then face the Eastern Conference winner. That’s a lot of things that have to go right, but it really does seem inevitable. They are just that good.

Still, as last Saturday’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder (+1225) proved, it won’t be easy. The Spurs and Thunder can play with them. When the Western Conference Finals go down, these games will be close and there is value in a team like OKC. I still think that the Thunder have coaching issues that the Spurs or Warriors will exploit, but when you have Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook you always have a chance.

The Spurs remain in the mix at +405 because you always have to account for them. I can’t help but feel that they have a little something extra in their bag for the potential playoff match-up against the Warriors.

I really have no doubt that the winner of the 2016 NBA Championship will be from the Western Conference. The Cleveland Cavaliers +330 are filled with drama and I wonder if they even end up in the Finals. Lebron hasn’t played a second of defense all season long and this team just has bad mojo all around it.

Honestly, I could easily see the Rapters (+3300) making the Finals this season. They have played great, play great together and they should have DeMarre Carroll back in time for the playoffs. They are definitely a team to keep an eye on. Will they win the title? Doubtful, but 5Dimes has a Raptors-Warriors Finals at +1180 and that is really intriguing to me.

Still, this season is all about the Warriors. Put down $108 and save that $100 you win for a rainy day this summer.

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Golden State Warriors   -108
Cleveland Cavaliers   +330
San Antonio Spurs   +405
Oklahoma City Thunder   +1225
Los Angeles Clippers   +2900
Toronto Raptors   +3300
Boston Celtics   +5500
Miami Heat   +7000
Chicago Bulls   +8000
Atlanta Hawks   +8500
Indiana Pacers   +10000
Houston Rockets   +15000
Portland Trail Blazers   +15000
Memphis Grizzlies   +20000
Washington Wizards   +20000
Dallas Mavericks   +25000
Detroit Pistons   +25000
Charlotte Hornets   +30000
Utah Jazz   +70000
New Orleans Pelicans   +100000
Orlando Magic   +100000
Sacramento Kings   +100000
New York Knicks   +150000
Milwaukee Bucks   +300000