NBA Western Conference Championship Odds

As we saw with the Eastern Conference odds, not much has changed thus far in the NBA. This season still has that inevitable feel of Warriors vs. Cavs part three in the NBA Finals. They are the two best teams as they have been the last two years and it seems like destiny that they will once again meet in the Finals to figure out who is the best team. We’ll talk about the Warriors in a second, but first let’s get to some of the other candidates who would be Finalists as the odds in the West are a bit more feasible than they are in the East.

The San Antonio Spurs +500 will probably go down as one of the greatest teams that never were for this three-year span they are in the midst of. All they do is win and they just so happen to have played in an era where one of the best teams of all-time was also in the Western Conference. Of course, they are yet to get their shot against them in the playoffs as they have exited the playoffs thanks to other teams before getting to the Warriors. Still, their regular seasons have been fantastic and they are a truly great team. That shouldn’t change, but it’s hard to get too excited about them.

The Los Angeles Clippers +700 are the story of the season thus far as they have came out hot and actually have an amazing bench for the first time during their run. It’s a weird crew that doesn’t seem like it should be good led by Austin Rivers and Maureese Speights, but it has worked thus far for some reason and if that can continue they are in a great position to finally get past the second round of the playoffs. The key for them is health and if they can stay healthy I think they could give the Warriors a good run. They play tough and they are good in areas that fit the Warriors weaknesses. Blake Griffin is the big x-factor here and they should go as far as he takes them.

As always though, this season is mainly about the Warriors -240. The Durant addition has been clunky at first, but they are still great. They’ll need to find some help at center as Zaza Pachulia is not the answer, but who even knows if that matters. If Durant can draw the defense’s attention in the playoffs and allow Curry to be Curry then I’m not sure there is anyone who can stop them. The Cavs honed in on Curry last year and it worked. They won’t get away with that this year. Will anyone have an answer for that duo?

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NBA   Western Conference
Thu 11/17  8:05PM
Golden State Warriors -240
San Antonio Spurs +500
Los Angeles Clippers +700
Oklahoma City Thunder +2500
Utah Jazz +3300
Houston Rockets +4000
Memphis Grizzlies +5000
Portland Trailblazers +5000
Minnesota Timberwolves +7500
Dallas Mavericks +12500
Denver Nuggets +12500
Los Angeles Lakers +12500
Sacramento Kings +17500
New Orleans Pelicans +25000
Phoenix Suns +50000