2017 NBA Championship Props

2017 NBA Championship Props

The latest NBA Championship prop bets are out and they simply reinforce that this is the year of “the rematch”. The whole offseason, all of last season and the season before that have been about the collision course between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers and these odds bear that out.

You typically see the favorites listed with the “field” being a big underdog and that is the case here as well. What you don’t often see is a prop for two teams like we see here: 25025 GSW or CLE wins NBA Champ -365. You can actually bet on the rematch happening in these odds which is not something that I can remember ever seeing before. Of course, you can bet against that happening as well and get +305 money. That could be a fun bet, but also the one that will make you feel like you’ve wasted it by the time the Conference Finals roll around.

The key thing with these props is the ability to bet against an outcome. You sacrifice slightly better odds than with the NBA Future bets, for example Golden State -125 there and -130 here, for the chance to bet against an outcome. The best bet here is probably “anyone but the Warriors” at +110 because it allows you to bet on nothing except for the Warriors not winning it.

Of course, you can probably get better odds by betting on the top three or four contenders. For example, let’s say you bet three futures at $100 each. The Cavs +300, Spurs +900 and Celtics +1800. If the Spurs or Celtics won, you’d win big. If the Cavs won you’d make a slight profit and if the Warriors win you are out $300. Betting the Field simply mitigates the losses. It’s all about what you want to risk with these. Or if you are just absolutely certain that the Warriors won’t win the championship, but you aren’t quite sure who it will be. This is the bet for you.

It seems impossible that we’ll get the third straight Finals rematch and the one that everyone expects when it’s never happened before, but it feels so inevitable that you’d think you could get a little better than +305. Still, I just might have to take that.

Complete odds are below and you can bet these and all your NBA action at http://www.5dimes.com

NBA Championship Winner Props
Golden State Warriors win NBA Champ-130
Field wins NBA Championship+110
Cleveland Cavaliers win NBA Champ+270
Field wins NBA Championship-330
San Antonio Spurs win NBA Champ+825
Field wins NBA Championship-1275
Los Angeles Clippers win NBA Champ+1250
Field wins NBA Championship-2000
Toronto Raptors win NBA Champ+3050
Field wins NBA Championship-7100
Boston Celtics win NBA Champ+3050
Field wins NBA Championship-7100
Oklahoma City Thunder wins NBA Champ+5000
Field wins NBA Championship-12500
Atlanta Hawks win NBA Champ+5500
Field wins NBA Championship-13500
Houston Rockets win NBA Champ+7500
Field wins NBA Championship-20000
Chicago Bulls win NBA Champ+7500
Field wins NBA Championship-20000
Indiana Pacers win NBA Champ+7500
Field wins NBA Championship-20000
New York Knicks win NBA Champ+9500
Field wins NBA Championship-27500
GSW or CLE wins NBA Champ-365
Field wins NBA Championship+305