2017 NBA Central Division Odds

The 2017 season is all about one thing: the inevitable rematch between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. This is what it’s all building towards and what all the words are being written about it. Does this mean that it will happen? Not necessarily, but you can be pretty certain that the Cavaliers are going to at least win their division this season. The current odds have Cleveland -2500 to win the Central division and it’s hard to see anyone being able to challenge them for that. They are just that good and the rest of that division is just… not.

The worst odds in the division belong to the Milwaukee Bucks +6000 which just shows you how good Cleveland is. The Bucks are a good young team with two budding superstars in Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Well, one superstar and one super duper amazing awesome guy. Still, this is a team without much to go on besides that especially with Khris Middleton missing a big chunk of the season. One day this could be the team to knock off the Cavs in the Central, but that day is not today.

The Detroit Pistons +4500 actually made the playoffs last year and could do so again this year, but they are kind of a mess right now. Without Reggie Jackson who has missed time with injury they simply don’t have the firepower to get it done. Coach Stan Van Gundy will get the most out of these guys, but they aren’t getting near the Cavs.

There were a lot of changes to the roster and a new coach for the Indiana Pacers +2000 this year, but it’s hard to say if it is working. They are scoring a bit better than last year, but this isn’t the Warriors East. They are still the Pacers and they just don’t look like they’ll be among the elite.

Da Bulls +1400? Nah. The Jimmy ButlerDwyane WadeRajon Rondo trio looked doomed from the start in Chicago, but this team has actually gotten off to a good start and look like a potential playoff team. That should be about all they are though as they just feel like a team that the Cavs easily sweep in the first or second round than a team that might challenge them for the division.

So, it’s Cavaliers -2500. That’s the only real play here and because the odds are so rough there probably is no play at all. This team has the highest payroll in the NBA, they are the defending champs and they have the best player in the NBA. It’s no wonder that they are coming in at these odds to win the division. They are simply that good and the only real question surrounding them is whether or not they can win it all for the second year in a row and bring a second title to Cleveland.

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2017 Central Division Betting Odds

  • Cleveland Cavaliers -2500
  • Chicago Bulls +1400
  • Indiana Pacers +2000
  • Detroit Pistons +4500
  • Milwaukee Bucks +6000