2012 NBA Championship Futures (Updated)

We hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday. I know I enjoyed the NBA games on Christmas as I am beyond excited to have NBA basketball back in our lives. With the season starting back up, we have full NBA Championship Futures from Bovada.

The Miami Heat are still the big favorite to win it all at just 9/5. Of course they are. There were some big moves in the offseason, but no one landed a player the caliber of Lebron James and surrounded him with a team as strong as the Miami Heat. I said this after the season and I’ll say it again, the Miami Heat are going back to the Finals. They deserve their place at the top of the odds.

Making a big jump is the Oklahoma City Thunder who look to do some serious damage this season with everyone having that Western Conference experience under their belts. The Heat and Thunder could end up being the Lakers and Celtics of this generation. Only the basketball would be way more athletic and a lot less violent. Wouldn’t that be great?

The Lakers and Bulls continue to linger as well at 13/2 and 6/1 respectively. For the Lakers it’s hard for me to see because of their age and the hiring of coach Mike Brown. No offense to Brown, but introducing a new offensive system to an aging team who just won two of the last three NBA championships seems like a bad idea. As for the Bulls, they are a great young team and if anything were to happen to Lebron James I’d be all over them. Unfortunately, as long as Lebron is healthy the Bulls aren’t winning anything.

The Mavericks at 15/1 seems generous for a team who got rid of their starting center and defensive centerpiece. While the Spurs still can’t seem to get any respect at 25/1. They are always one of the top teams in the West and one of these years things will break their way. Sure, they’re old but they are also deep with a great system and arguably the best coach in the NBA. They will always find a way.

Looking for a crazy bet? How about the Chris Paul led Clippers at 16/1? That is a huge upgrade and that will be a really fun team to watch. Or the Knicks at 15/1? Is Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony enough to get it done? I don’t think so, but it would be another team that is fun to watch.

Full NBA Championship Futures are below courtesy of Bovada. You can bet all of these at http://www.Bovada.lv

Miami Heat 9/5
Oklahoma City Thunder 11/2
Chicago Bulls 6/1
Los Angeles Lakers 13/2
Dallas Mavericks 15/1
New York Knicks 15/1
Los Angeles Clippers 16/1
Boston Celtics 20/1
San Antonio Spurs 25/1
Memphis Grizzlies 30/1
Orlando Magic 30/1
Portland Trail Blazers 35/1
Denver Nuggets 40/1
Atlanta Hawks 50/1
Houston Rockets 65/1
Indiana Pacers 65/1
New Jersey Nets 75/1
Golden State Warriors 100/1
Milwaukee Bucks 125/1
Philadelphia 76ers 125/1
New Orleans Hornets 150/1
Phoenix Suns 150/1
Utah Jazz 150/1
Charlotte Bobcats 200/1
Detroit Pistons 200/1
Minnesota Timberwolves 200/1
Sacramento Kings 200/1
Washington Wizards 200/1
Cleveland Cavaliers 300/1
Toronto Raptors 300/1