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When we last looked in on NBA Championship futures, the season was just getting started on October 24th so now felt like a good time to check back in and see what has changed. There have been quite a few movers, but the top two teams have remained the same and the Golden State Warriors have actually gotten worse odds to win it all.

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At just -110 to win the 2017 NBA Championship, they are telling us that this is basically a coin flip as to whether or not they will win this whole thing. It makes sense. Last night Klay Thompson went off for 60 points in a game that didn’t even feel like he was trying. They are starting to believe and the Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant lineup is truly a lineup of death. Only it’s not something they pull out sometimes, that’s a lineup they put out every single night.

The defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers have stayed the same and with no one in the East to truly challenge them, it’s hard to see this changing as long as LeBron James exists. The rematch is coming.

The biggest mover at the top of the board has to be the Los Angeles Clippers who went from +2500 to +650, the best odds outside of Cleveland and Golden State. They’ve looked amazing early this season with great bench play led by Austin Rivers. This could be the last stand of the DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin team and they seem to be making the most of it. Of course, the regular season has never been their problem. It’s getting past the second round of the playoffs that’s been their kryptonite.

Improving but falling behind the Clippers is the Spurs who went from +900 to +800. Kawhi Leonard is making an MVP run down there, but it’s hard to say where they are going to fit in the Western Conference playoffs.

One number I don’t quite understand is the Boston Celtics dropping from +1800 to +3300. They’ve played 21 games and have only had Al Horford for 11 of them. Jae Crowder, who was arguably their¬†best player last season, has missed eight games. Once these guys get healthy this team is going to be right up there. Should they be a favorite? No, but they are easily¬†a top four team in the East.

A preseason number that didn’t make sense was the Hornets +30000 and that has been corrected and is now +7500. Still not a very smart bet, but at least it makes sense now. The same can be said about the Houston Rockets who went from +10000 to +3300 and the Atlanta Hawks who went from +10000 to +5000.

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TeamOdds 10/24Odds 12/6
Golden State Warriors-125-110
Cleveland Cavaliers+300+300
San Antonio Spurs+900+800
Boston Celtics+1800+3300
Los Angeles Clippers+2500+650
Toronto Raptors+4000+2800
Oklahoma City Thunder+4000+5000
Chicago Bulls+4000+4000
New York Knicks+5000+7500
Indiana Pacers+6600+7500
Minnesota Timberwolves+6600+30000
Memphis Grizzlies+6600+7500
Portland Trail Blazers+7500+7500
Miami Heat+10000+25000
Atlanta Hawks+10000+5000
Houston Rockets+10000+3300
New Orleans Pelicans+10000+50000
Detroit Pistons+10000+15000
Washington Wizards+10000+25000
Milwaukee Bucks+10000+20000
Utah Jazz+10000+7500
Dallas Mavericks+20000+50000
Los Angeles Lakers+20000+10000
Orlando Magic+20000+30000
Charlotte Hornets+30000+7500
Denver Nuggets+50000+30000
Sacramento Kings+50000+30000
Philadelphia 76ers+50000+100000
Phoenix Suns+50000+100000
Brooklyn Nets+50000+100000