2015-16 NBA MVP Odds

The NBA season is just around the corner so we’re covering the 2016 MVP odds from BetOnline today.

The defending NBA champion Steph Curry is not the favorite, but instead comes in tied for third at +650. Last season was one of those years where everything went right for the Warriors and they dominated the season’s narrative with Steph Curry as their focal point. It’s hard to see that repeating again, but the Warriors are a favorite for the 2016 NBA Championship so I suppose it is possible for history to repeat itself.

The favorite is the best player in the NBA, Lebron James at +250. While he is the league’s best player on a team that is extremely likely to compete for the NBA title, I just don’t see him as the favorite. He’ll take games off for rest whenever he can and he doesn’t need to dominate the box score quite like he used to. Lebron at this stage in his career is simply interested in winning a championship. He would punt the regular season if he thought he could get away with it and I just can’t see him as the MVP. Best player? Sure, but he won’t have the best season.

Last year’s runner-up was James Harden, but he’s only at +800 this year. He could easily post another solid season and the Rockets are expected to contend.

The favorite to me is Anthony Davis at +450. He is clearly the next great NBA superstar and he should make a big leap forward this year. If he remains healthy he should have a season reminiscent of Michael Jordan on the Bulls (pre-Pippen) or Lebron in Cleveland (pre-Miami). He should just fill up every category of the box score and could have huge points and rebounding numbers. He’s match-up proof and one of the best athletes in the game today. Forget the part where his team won’t be the best. If Davis is healthy, he will be the best.

Looking for a long shot? How about John Wall at +4500? The Wizards could be one of the best teams in the East this season and he is their best player? We saw last year that voters were willingly to get behind a point guard and maybe that trend will continue.

Or how about Paul George +6400? The same weak Eastern Conference rule applies here and he was one of the best players in the NBA before his freak injury before last season. Plus, the though of him at power forward is scary.

Looking for an even bigger underdog? Try Jimmy Butler at +9000. NBA analysts are all over this Bulls team and he is their best player. Maybe Fred Hoiberg will be able to focus the offense on Butler’s talents and he’l continue to grow as a superstar.

Complete MVP odds are below courtesy of BetOnline. You can bet any of these at http://www.BetOnline.com

LeBron James  +250
Anthony Davis  +450
Kevin Durant  +650
Stephen Curry  +650
James Harden  +800
Russell Westbrook  +1200
Blake Griffin  +2000
Chris Paul  +2500
Lamarcus Aldridge  +4000
John Wall  +4500
Derrick Rose  +5000
Carmelo Anthony  +5000
Kawhi Leonard  +5000
Paul George  +6400
Kyrie Irving  +8000
Dwight Howard  +9000
Jimmy Butler  +9000
Dwayne Wade  +9000
Damarcus Cousins  +9000
Damian Lillard  +10000
Marc Gasol  +10000
Klay Thompson  +10000
Chris Bosh  +10000
Bradley Beal  +10000
Pau Gasol  +10000
Tyreke Evans  +12500
Victor Oladipo  +12500
Draymond Green  +15000
Jeff Teague  +15000
Kevin Love  +15000
Paul Millsap  +15000
Tony Parker  +15000
Kobe Bryant  +17500
Andre Drummond  +20000
DeAndre Jordan  +20000
DeMar DeRozan  +20000
Eric Bledsoe  +20000
Joakim Noah  +20000
Kemba Walker  +20000
Nikola Vucevic  +20000
Reggie Jackson  +20000
Rudy Gay  +20000
Ty Lawson  +20000
Zach Randolph  +20000
Khris Middleton  +25000
Al Horford  +30000
Brook Lopez  +30000
Chandler Parsons  +30000
Goran Dragic  +30000
Gordon Hayward  +30000
Mike Conley  +30000
Monta Ellis  +30000
Ricky Rubio  +30000
Serge Ibaka  +30000
Kyle Lowry  +40000
Al Jefferson  +50000
Andrew Wiggins  +50000
Brandon Jennings  +50000
David Lee  +50000
Deron Williams  +50000
Dirk Nowitzki  +50000
Isaiah Thomas  +50000
Jabari Parker  +50000
Joe Johnson  +50000
Jonas Valanciunas  +50000
Kenneth Faried  +50000
Marcin Gortat  +50000
Michael Carter-Williams  +50000
Nerlens Noel  +50000
Tim Duncan  +50000

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