2017 NBA MVP Betting Odds (Updated)

As we near the All-Star break, the race for the MVP is heating up and 5Dimes has released some updated NBA MVP odds in their NBA props section. The odds are quite different from the preseason for a lot of players with some of the differences being really glaring.

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Back in October we stumped for James Harden at +1000 and now he is the presumptive favorite at -145. Of course, at that number he is no guarantee. Harden has been having a great all around season and has been the key part of the Rockets being one of the top teams in the West. He is probably the most valuable player to his team in the truest sense of the word valuable as without him it’s hard to imagine what the Rockets might look like. Certainly not the third seed in the West.

The pre-season favorite was Russell Westbrook at +200 and he is down to +120 now. Basically, this is considered a coinflip between him and Harden which has been the narrative for most of the season. James Harden is the better and more efficient player, but Russell Westbrook is putting up numbers we haven’t seen in 60 years. He’s currently averaging a triple double on the year and if that holds it will be hard to deny him this award. That said, he’s doing it on the 7th seed in the West and it’s been a long, long time since someone from a non-elite team has won this award. A very interesting case here.

LeBron James at +950 is a long shot, but he’s having a pretty dang good year. He’s playing a lot of minutes right now and the Cavs should be the best team in the East once again and cruise to the Finals, but his numbers just don’t jump off the page like those of Westbrook or Harden and it’s hard to imagine him winning this. He may be the best player on the planet, but during the regular season he’s just another really good player among a league full of them.

The only bet that I would consider a good value play is probably Kawhi Leonard at +1050. He is the best defensive player in the game, the Spurs will finish with the second best record in the league and he is second in Player Efficiency Rating to Russell Westbrook. Still, he’s likely to run into the same problem as Lebron and every other player in the NBA which is: Everyone knows your awesome, you’re one of the best players in the NBA, but look at the numbers that Harden and Westbrook are putting up! They are crazy and have never been done before!

Durant at +1180 takes the place of Stephen Curry for token Warrior, but there is no one in hell that one is happening. Anthony Davis has the numbers to compete with any of these guys, but his team is terrible.

This is still a two man race. Pick your favorite and hope for the best.

NBA Most Valuable Player

James Harden wins regular season MVP-145
Field wins NBA regular season MVP+105
R.Westbrook wins regular season MVP+120
Field wins NBA regular season MVP-160
LeBron James wins regular season MVP+950
Field wins NBA regular season MVP-1950
Kawhi Leonard wins regular season MVP+1050
Field wins NBA regular season MVP-2150
Kevin Durant wins regular season MVP+1180
Field wins NBA regular season MVP-2540
Anthony Davis wins regular season MVP+10000
Field wins NBA regular season MVP-50000

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