The incredible Celtics-Bulls series

The Boston Celtics were the top seed in the Eastern Conference, but a week ago we thought they were done. Everyone thought they were done. The real life trauma of Isaiah Thomas didn’t help and Rajon Rondo stepping into the rejuvenation machine to shut him down definitely didn’t help. The Bulls being a better rebounding time while the Celtics were one of the worst really didn’t help. After two games, Robin Lopez looked like an All-Star and then something switched.

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Now, the Celtics have won three straight and it seems like this series is over. These games haven’t been close and the Celtics are looking more like the team that was the best team in the Eastern Conference while the Bulls have looked more like the dysfunctional mess that had to win on the last day of the season to make the playoffs. It’s funny how these things work.

What’s really crazy is just how extreme the books reacted to this. Check this out:

Before the series: Celtics -525 vs. Bulls +415

Bulls up 2-0: Celtics +210 vs. Bulls -250

Celtics up 3-2: Celtics -900 vs. Bulls +600

That is amazing. If you were a true Celtics supporter and didn’t become blinded by a two-game sample, you could’ve got a really nice number on this series. A top seed at 2/1 when there has only been one top seed in the seven game era is almost too good to be true.

The funny thing is that we didn’t see it. Nobody did. After those first two games this series looked over. Al Horford was over matched by Robin Lopez, Marcus Smart was borderline unplayable and Dwayne Wade was turning back the clock. Jimmy Butler was dominant and Isaiah Thomas wasn’t. It seemed like the Bulls would do the impossible.

And then Rondo got hurt and everything switched. Isaiah Canaan and Michael Carter-Williams are just not ready for this level of basketball and Thomas has made them pay. It’s crazy to think where Rondo was just two years ago (remember the famous Mavericks game where he just quit playing?) and now he’s swinging a playoff series by not being able to play in it, but that’s playoff basketball for you. Injuries matter┬áin a playoff series. A lot.

These two teams lock up on Friday night in Chicago and I believe that Boston will get it done. Gerald Green will do something, Isaiah will be big time once again and the Bulls will once again be the mess that we thought they were.

Boston has made the adjustments that they needed to make and the Bulls just don’t have the pieces to counter back. The line is currently set at PK so this could be a really great time to jump back on the Celtics bandwagon. All they have to do is win and they’ve already done it twice in Chicago. Why not three times? The Bulls have shown no ability to get things down there and I really doubt they will magically discover it in the next twenty four hours.

Get this series done and bring on the Wizards or Hawks.

(Please be the Wizards, please be the Wizards, please be the Wizards.)

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