Markieff Morris is not happy and the Wizards are going to win

In the first quarter of Sunday’s game one between the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards, Markieff Morris went straight up in the air and when he came down he landed on Al Horford‘s foot. Morris then missed the rest of the game and the Celtics rolled. Coincidence?

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Morris isn’t quite so sure. In a post-game interview he said “He stepped right under my foot. Not sure if it was intentional or not; probably not, but that’s what happened. Rolled it on his foot.” He also said that after the incident Horford said “my fault” which seems like an admission of guilt. Morris plans to get to the bottom of it by asking Horford about it.

Make no mistake about it though, Morris’ injury is huge for the Wizards. One of the things that we liked about the Wizards in this series when we picked them to win in our series preview was the dominating rebounding of Morris and Marcin Gortat. We saw the kind of problems that this caused the Celtics in round one when Robin Lopez went crazy for two games and it seemed like it would be an even bigger problem in this one. Morris got hurt and then the Celtics hit a team-record tying amount of three-pointers and game one wasn’t that close.

Morris plans to play in tonight’s game and you have to think that he’ll be playing with an edge. I think the team itself will be pretty upset about Morris and how that first game went in general and come out playing a bit harder, maybe even a bit dirtier. These are two teams that didn’t like each other all season and this is just another thing to add to the list of things they don’t like about each other. Things are going to get chippy.

If that is the case, it tremendously favors the Wizards. The Celtics win by playing games like game one. They did a great job stopping the transition offense of John Wall and they made a lot of three-pointers. That was a good win for them, but I seriously doubt they will shoot nearly 50% from three again in this series. Jae Crowder had the game of his life and that won’t happen again. Isaiah Thomas had his way and I think things will be mucked up a lot more tonight.

I like the Wizards to even this series tonight. They should dominate the boards and I’m expecting a huge game out of Bradley Beal. He is the key to this team on offense and he should know now that his team can’t win without him. Getting Morris back should open up the offense quite a bit as well. We know what he can do down low, but he can also nail a three and take advantage of a switch.

Tonight’s line is Celtics -5 and is a great betting opportunity. This is going to be a long series and the Wizards should even things up tonight. Washington +5 is a great bet.

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