A Warriors vs Cavaliers Finals is more inevitable than ever

A Warriors vs Cavaliers Finals is more inevitable than ever

Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals saw more of the same from LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers: domination. Everything went the Cavaliers way and James felt like the best player in the series by a measure of 1,000,000. The betting odds on the series were Cavaliers -600 versus Celtics +450 before game one. Let’s see what they look like after game one.

Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics – Eastern Conference Finals
Fri 5/19Cleveland Cavaliers (Series)-2750
8:30PMBoston Celtics (Series)+1450

That’s a pretty huge swing.

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Teams that win game one of the series have a 381-117 record in the series in NBA Playoffs history so I get that the odds would shift, but that is still a pretty huge shift. The Celtics were the top seed in the Eastern Conference, but they are being given virtually no chance in the series.

In the Western Conference, the situation is even worse. After the Spurs led for much of game one, Kawhi Leonard landed on Zaza Pachulia‘s foot and the Warriors were able to comeback and win that one. Since then they dominated game two and once again look like the best team in the world. Stephen Curry has been amazing and Kevin Durant just takes everything they do to another level.

Before the series the Spurs were a +800 underdog with the Warriors as a -1250. After going up 2-0, the odds now look like this:

San Antonio Spurs vs Golden State Warriors – Western Conference Finals
Sat 5/20San Antonio Spurs (Series)+2250
9:00PMGolden State Warriors (Series)-4500

Teams are 262-18 when up 2-0 in the series in NBA Playoffs history so this one makes sense as well. Still, it’s sad to see what should’ve been a great series upended by a stupid injury to one of the league’s best players.

This NBA season, this NBA Playoffs has been all about the Warriors and Cavaliers meeting for a third time in the NBA Playoffs. That has never happened before, but it looks like it is definitely going to happen this season. I truly hope that series lives up to the hype because this playoffs has been a huge disappointment in terms of competitive basketball. Only two series have gone the full seven games while the best two teams have yet to lose one.

While we are still a bit off from that match-up, we can get a preview of what the series odds might look like. The current NBA championship odds have the Warriors as basically a 3/1 favorite. The Cavaliers win last year was pretty magical and there were a lot of factors that went into it. Draymond Green‘s suspension being key and Harrison Barnes missing a ton of threes not helping either. It’s hard to imagine those things repeat themselves with Kevin Durant now on the team.

That said, LeBron James is playing at a level higher than we’ve ever seen from him so if there were ever a time for the super team to be upset, it would be this year when LeBron is playing like Superman.

NBA Championship
Golden State Warriors-285
Cleveland Cavaliers+295

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