NBA Finals Betting Odds: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors

NBA Finals Betting Odds: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors

The NBA Finals are upon us and for the first time in NBA history we are getting a third straight match-up between the same two teams. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors have been head and shoulders above every other team in the NBA for the last three years and this rubber match should be really exciting.

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LeBron James leads the Cavaliers, but don’t count out Kyrie Irving in this series. His one on one play was huge for the team last year and he plays well against Stephen Curry for whatever reason. Kevin Love has also played his best basketball since coming to Cleveland this season and he should be a factor in this series. While everyone has talked about the Warriors adding Kevin Durant, the Cavs addition of Kyle Korver and Deron Williams has really made their bench into a strength and that could be a strength for them in this series as the Warriors are a bit top heavy. Channing Frye wasn’t playable in this series last year, but lineups with him, JR Smith and Kyle Korver are a three-point shooting nightmare.

Of course, the Warriors are arguably one of the greatest teams ever assembled and they are a big favorite in this series for a reason. Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry get all the hype, but it is really Draymond Green that makes this whole thing work. His defense is otherworldly and he is really underrated on the offensive end. Throw in Klay Thompson as one of the best shooters in the league and Andre Iguadola and this is a very dangerous group. LeBron James may be the best player in the league, but it would be a big upset if the Warriors lost this series.

The series odds for this series say as much.

NBA Finals Series Odds


Cleveland Cavaliers+200
Golden State Warriors-240

I’d say that is a little on the low side for the Warriors, but it’s really hard to go against LeBron James. I find the series correct score props to be even more interesting.

NBA Finals Correct Score Betting Odds

Cavaliers win 4-0+2800
Cavaliers win 4-1+1800
Cavaliers win 4-2+575
Cavaliers win 4-3+700
Warriors win 4-0+475
Warriors win 4-1+275
Warriors win 4-2+400
Warriors win 4-3+400

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The Cavaliers sweeping this series would be the most shocking thing and the odds reflect that. The surprising thing to me is that the favored outcome is Warriors in five games. That reminds me a bit of the Heat’s last stand against the Spurs a few years ago when the first two games were split and relatively close and then the Spurs just turned it on and dominated. That is easy to envision, but this is also the best LeBron we have ever seen and it is so hard to bet against him like that.

A few more general betting odds for this series.

Total Games Played in NBA Finals

Over 5½ (-175)oUnder 5½ (+145)u

Number of Games Played in Series

7 +2006 +2005 +2504 +550

NBA Finals Game Spread

Cleveland Cavaliers +1½ (+105)Golden State Warriors -1½ (-135)

One of the more insane props I’ve seen is combining this year and next year. It just makes you realize how likely that this trilogy might get a sequel. These two teams are so good and the possibility of them having another rematch is far more likely than anyone would like to admit. Best of five?

NBA Championship – Multiple Season Winner

GSW wins 2016/17 & 2017/18 NBA Champ+125
Any other result -155
CLE wins 2016/17 & 2017/18 NBA Champ +1100
Any other result -1700
Golden State wins 2017/18 NBA Champ -147
Field wins 2017/18 NBA Championship +107
Cleveland wins 2017/18 NBA Champ +305
Field wins 2017/18 NBA Championship -425

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Finally, let’s take a look at the MVP odds for this series. If Cleveland somehow wins this thing, LeBron James should not only be named MVP but greatest NBA player of all-time. A lot has been said about LeBron versus Michael Jordan, but Jordan never had to face a team that was the favorite in the NBA Finals and no one has ever had to face a super team of this level. This would be huge.

If the likely thing happens though and the Warriors win this series? That’s when things get interesting. Do Durant and Curry split the vote? Does Draymond suddenly become the default MVP? Or will Klay have the series we’ve been waiting for him to have and just go nuclear for a couple of games? Lots of great odds here.

NBA Finals MVP

Kevin Durant (Warriors)  +180
Stephen Curry (Warriors)  +225
LeBron James (Cavaliers)  +260
Draymond Green (Warriors)  +875
Kyrie Irving (Cavaliers)  +1700
Klay Thompson (Warriors)  +2200
Kevin Love (Cavaliers)  +5000
Andre Iguodala (Warriors)  +10000
Tristan Thompson (Cavaliers)  +15000
JR Smith (Cavaliers)  +20000
Richard Jefferson (Cavaliers)  +25000
Iman Shumpert (Cavaliers)  +27500
Shaun Livingston (Warriors)  +32500
Channing Frye (Cavaliers)  +45000
Kyle Korver (Cavaliers)  +50000
Ian Clark (Warriors)  +55000
JaVale McGee (Warriors)  +75000
Deron Williams (Cavaliers)  +110000
David West (Warriors)  +165000
Zaza Pachulia (Warriors)  +165000

A few other notable player props.

Player to score 100+ points first

LeBron James (CLE)+150
Stephen Curry (GSW)+300
Kevin Durant (GSW)+350
Kyrie Irving (CLE)+450
Klay Thompson (GSW)+850
Kevin Love (CLE)+1000
field – any other player+1600

Player with most points in NBA Finals

LeBron James (CLE)-110
Kevin Durant (GSW)+300
Stephen Curry (GSW)+350
Kyrie Irving (CLE)+500
Klay Thompson (GSW)+1000
Kevin Love (CLE)+1200
field – any other player+2500

Player with most rebounds in NBA Finals

Kevin Love (CLE)+125
Tristan Thompson (CLE)+325
LeBron James (CLE)+400
Draymond Green (GSW)+400
Kevin Durant (GSW)+500
field – any other player+1000
Stephen Curry (GSW)+1400

Player with most assists in NBA Finals

LeBron James (CLE)-150
Draymond Green (GSW)+225
Stephen Curry (GSW)+450
Kyrie Irving (CLE)+650
field – any other player+1400

Player with most blocks in NBA Finals

Draymond Green (GSW)+170
LeBron James (CLE)+215
Kevin Durant (GSW)+250
Tristian Thompson (CLE)+500
Kevin Love (CLE)+700
field – any other player+800

Player with most steals in NBA Finals

LeBron James (CLE)+160
Stephen Curry (GSW)+200
Draymond Green (GSW)+250
Kyrie Irving (CLE)+375
field – any other player+500

LeBron James – Total Triple Doubles

No Triple Double+140
1 Triple Double+200
2 Triple Doubles+250
3 Triple Doubles+1000
4 Triple Doubles+2000
5 Triple Doubles+8000
6 Triple Doubles+20000
7 Triple Doubles+25000

Draymond Green – Total Triple Doubles

No Triple Double+100
1 Triple Double+200
2 Triple Doubles+500
3 Triple Doubles+1600
4 Triple Doubles+5000
5 Triple Doubles+10000
6 Triple Doubles+25000
7 Triple Doubles+50000

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