NBA Playoffs First Round Betting Odds

The NBA Playoffs start this Saturday and we couldn’t be more excited. There are tons of great match-ups and a lot of intriguing storylines heading into the playoffs. This should be an all-time great playoffs and the champion is actual a pretty big question mark right now. That’s always fun.

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Today we have complete odds for the first round including series exact prices. There is a lot of fun first round match-ups and injuries will definitely play a factor in some of these series.

Check out all the odds below with a few of my own personal opinions sprinkled in.


Eastern Conference Betting Odds

Washington Wizards +400
Toronto Raptors -600
Wizards 4-0 +8000 Wizards 4-1 +3300 Wizards 4-2 +1200 Wizards 4-3 +950
Raptors 4-0 +325 Raptors 4-1 +185 Raptors 4-2 +350 Raptors 4-3 +450

Raptors fans are really worried right now. The team did not finish the season strong and this is a pretty tough match-up. On paper, you have to like Bradley Beal and John Wall more than DeMarr DeRozan, right? I know I do.

The only thing here is that the Wizards seem to hate each other and have been playing garbage basketball all year long. I think the Raptors will make it to the second round, but it won’t be easy. I like the Raptors in 6 +350 as my play in this one. You know they’ll blow game one as they always do and they’ll probably lose one in DC before figuring it all out.

Milwaukee Bucks +155
Boston Celtics -175
Bucks 4-0 +1400 Bucks 4-1 +700 Bucks 4-2 +400 Bucks 4-3 +450
Celtics 4-0 +1100 Celtics 4-1 +450 Celtics 4-2 +500 Celtics 4-3 +400

Milwaukee has been one of the most disappointing teams this season, but they are finally getting healthy going into the playoffs. They are facing a tough defense and a far better coached team, but the Celtics are pretty injured right now and Giannis Antetokounmpo is by far the best player on the court in this series. He should play 40+ minutes per game in this one and I can really see them stealing this. Bucks in 6 +400 is probably the best play here.

That said, the Celtics have been playing amazing basketball without Kyrie Irving and Marcus Smart and I could see them doing it again here. The Bucks are a value play, there is no fun in betting Boston.

Miami Heat +300
Philadelphia 76ers -400
Heat 4-0 +5000 Heat 4-1 +2500 Heat 4-2 +900 Heat 4-3 +900
76ers 4-0 +375 76ers 4-1 +200 76ers 4-2 +400 76ers 4-3 +400

There is really no reason that the Heat couldn’t upset here. They have a great defense, they have Hassan Whiteside going against a team that has no rim protectors without Joel Embiid and they have playoff experience on their side. Ben Simmons will have trouble in this one as I think the Heat will really be able to game plan around his weaknesses. The Sixers are great, but a small bet on the Heat +300 is not a bad play.

Indiana Pacers +475
Cleveland Cavaliers -750
Pacers 4-0 +5000 Pacers 4-1 +2500 Pacers 4-2 +1000 Pacers 4-3 +900
Cavaliers 4-0 +350 Cavaliers 4-1 +225 Cavaliers 4-2 +350 Cavaliers 4-3 +400

This is such a weird series. I think there is one of two things that will happen: the Pacers will win or the Cavs will sweep. There is no in-between. Either LeBron James and company remember who they are and shut down this Indiana team. Or the Pacers win and the James family starts packing their bags for the next destination. There is no in between. Bet whichever you think is more likely. I’m leaning Cavs 4-0 +350.

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Western Conference Betting Odds

Houston Rockets -2100
Minnesota Timberwolves +975
Timberwolves 4-0 +25000 Timberwolves 4-1 +25000 Timberwolves 4-2 +10000 Timberwolves 4-3 +6600
Rockets 4-0 EVEN Rockets 4-1 +140 Rockets 4-2 +450 Rockets 4-3 +1200

The Wolves just played their biggest game of the year and the Rockets should sweep this one easily. The Wolves defense has left a lot to be desired all season and I don’t see that getting any better here. Jimmy Butler could challenge James Harden in this one, but if he does the Wolves have no answer for Chris Paul. Rockets sweep is the best play.

San Antonio Spurs +600
Golden State Warriors -1000
Spurs 4-0 +5000 Spurs 4-1 +2800 Spurs 4-2 +1100 Spurs 4-3 +1200
Warriors 4-0 +325 Warriors 4-1 +200 Warriors 4-2 +350 Warriors 4-3 +400

Maybe my least favorite series of the first round. The Spurs without Kawhi Leonard just aren’t very fun to watch and the Warriors without Stephen Curry are kind of boring. I can see Gregg Poppovich stealing a game for the Spurs, but this one shouldn’t be very competitive beyond that. Warriors 4-1 +200 is a decent play.

New Orleans Pelicans +170
Portland Trailblazers -200
Pelicans 4-0 +2200 Pelicans 4-1 +1100 Pelicans 4-2 +500 Pelicans 4-3 +600
Trail Blazers 4-0 +750 Trail Blazers 4-1 +333 Trail Blazers 4-2 +450 Trail Blazers 4-3 +325

This is probably my favorite series of the first round. If these two teams had drawn different opponents, I would’ve picked both of them. That’s how much I like them. This is a real coinflip for me and I think it goes seven games. I don’t think the Blazers have an answer for Anthony Davis and the Pelicans won’t be able to stop Dame and C.J. McCollum.

Pick your favorite and bet the game 7 odds. I am leaning Pelicans 4-3 +600, but playing at Portland with playoff Damian Lillard scares the heck out of me.

Utah Jazz +115
Oklahoma City Thunder -135
Jazz 4-0 +1400 Jazz 4-1 +800 Jazz 4-2 +450 Jazz 4-3 +650
Thunder 4-0 +950 Thunder 4-1 +450 Thunder 4-2 +450 Thunder 4-3 +290

I want to take the Jazz here, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Donovan Mitchell is playing his first playoff series and Ricky Rubio is no match for Russell Westbrook. Rudy Gobert is a big problem, but I don’t think the Jazz have any answer for playoff Paul George. The shortened rotations should really help the Thunder and I think they’ll pull this one off. Best value is probably Thunder 4-1 +450.

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