2019 Atlanta Hawks Win Total Betting Odds

The Atlanta Hawks should be a completely different team in 2018-19 as they have finally decided to go for the full rebuild. They let coach Mike Budenholzer head to Milwaukee and have replaced him with Lloyd Pierce, a longtime Sixers assistant. He would know something about the type of rebuild the Hawks are attempting here.

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Atlanta’s win total for the season is set at 24.5 wins which is the lowest in all of the NBA. While I’m not sure they will be that bad – whenever a total is this low it’s easy to argue for the over – they will be bad and they have no real chance of sniffing the playoffs. Even in the weakened Eastern Conference.

Their best player has to be Kent Bazemore, but he’s been the subject of some rumors. He is five years older than Taurean Prince and nine years older than Trae Young, who this team is clearly trying to build around. He just doesn’t fit the time table and a move makes a lot of sense. Houston has been rumored and what they would give back in NBA talent would make them significantly worse than they look on paper here which is why I think this total is set so low.

Let’s take a look at their roster:

Justin AndersonG
Kent BazemoreG-F
Jeremy LinG
Taurean PrinceF
DeAndre’ BembryF
Miles PlumleeC-F
John CollinsF
Tyler DorseyG
Dewayne DedmonC
Trae YoungG
Kevin HuerterG
Omari SpellmanF
Jaylen Adams  (TW)G
Alex LenC


If he’s moved, that leaves Prince, Young, John Collins and a bunch of centers. Those guys have potential, but that’s about it right now. Like I said, this team is going to be pretty bad.

The Hawks traded down in the draft, passing up Luka Doncic (a move I believe will be talked about for years like the James Harden trade), in order to get Trae Young so you have to imagine he is going to get all the opportunities he can handle. He’s considered one of the bigger boom or busts players in this draft so that should be interesting. Most players in the draft though consider him the best shooter and playmaker in this class.

Jeremy Lin will be there to show him the ropes though and if healthy (a big if), he should be able to steal a few wins for them. Of course, if Young plays well and Tyler Dorsey continues to improve, he could also be on his way out. Every game he wins for them gets him one step closer to the door. Winning is not the plan.

This total is low, but there were four teams who won 24 or less games last season and the Hawks were one of them. The early FiveThiryEight projections have them at 28, but that assumes this roster. I don’t think this roster even halfway finishes the season.

They let go of Dennis Schroder, they’re probably going to trade Kent Bazemore and it’s not hard to see Jeremy Lin being close behind him. Dewayne Dedmon could play his way out of town as well. I don’t think they got better, I think they got worse.

This team has no intention of winning this season and I expect them to be one of the three worst teams in the league this season. They want another high draft pick and they will most certainly get one.

NBA Vin’s Pick: Atlanta Hawks Under 24.5 Wins

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