2019 Sacramento Kings Win Total Betting Odds

Things haven’t been good in Sacramento for a long time, but at least now it seems like they are trying to do something about it. A full ground-up rebuild is in place and there are definitely some interesting young players on this team.

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Marvin Bagley III is expected to do great things for this team and he’s coming off a 21pt/11reb season at Duke. The #2 overall pick in the draft is definitely expected to be the future of this franchise, but that future just isn’t really now. He should pair nicely with De’Aaron Fox, last year’s top pick, Buddy Hield and Bogdan Bogdanovic. Willie Cauley-Stein took a nice leap forward last year as well. These guys should be the core, but the “big three” will need to take a step forward if this team is going to do anything this year.

It’s interesting, but it’s not good. It’s easy to see why this team’s win total is set at just 26.5. They won 27 games last year and while they’ve definitely added more talent in Bagley, that talent still needs to figure out how to play in the NBA. That’ll mean a lot of minutes which should come at the expense of things like defense and winning.

Let’s take a look at their 2019 roster as it stands right now:


Willie Cauley-SteinF-C
Iman ShumpertG
Kosta KoufosC
Deyonta DavisC-F
Skal LabissiereF
Buddy HieldG
Harry GilesF-C
Ben McLemoreG
Justin JacksonG-F
Zach RandolphF-C
De’Aaron FoxG
Bogdan BogdanovicG
Frank Mason IIIG
Marvin Bagley IIIF
Nemanja BjelicaF
Yogi FerrellG
Wenyen Gabriel  (TW)F
Jamel Artis  (TW)G-F


Zach Randolph should help provide the veteran leadership and the addition of Iman Shumpert should help Bagley along and be a veteran presence. I am a big fan of the Yogi Ferrell signing as well who is a better fit alongside Fox than George Hill was last season.

I could see this team being friskier on defense than expected with Shumpert and some second year improvements. Really, anything is better than last year’s 109 Defensive Rating. Dave Joerger is a good coach and he’ll try to get the most of this group, but there just isn’t much here. They will crumble against more experienced teams and they play in the West where every single night of the season will be against a more experienced team.

The early projections at FiveThirtyEight see them as the worst team in the league next year and it’s hard to argue with that. The problem with this team last year was the scoring and I can easily see that being an issue again here. Their Offense Rating was 29th in the NBA and I’m not sure how it’s going to be better here. Some of the young guys should improve and Ferrell should help, but big minutes for Bagley and Fox should hurt them this season while hopefully helping them in the long run.

This should be one of the three or four worst teams in the league and it’s hard to think much more of them. I see 25 or less wins here.

NBA Vin’s Pick: Sacramento Kings Under 26.5 Wins

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