Latest 2013 NBA Championship Futures

We’re getting closer to the playoffs and the full 2013 NBA Championship picture is starting to take shape. As always, Lebron James and the Heat are front and center in that picture.

The Miami Heat are the current favorite to repeat their championship from last year at 2/1. They’ve had relatively good health this season and they look to cruise through the East as the Bulls (20/1) have really struggled without Derrick Rose. The only real contender to them in the East this season looks to be the New York Knicks at 10/1. I just don’t see that being a threat, really. Lebron and Wade are just not losing to Carmelo. Not now, not ever. Sorry, Melo.

The West is where things get really interesting. We have the Oklahoma City as the Western Conference favorite at 15/4. They have a team with so many weapons that they are just hard to prepare for or match-up against. Kevin Durant is having an MVP level season and this just feels like we are due for a rematch of last year’s Finals. I really hope it happens because I feel like this Thunder team is a lot better than last year’s team that made the Finals.

A really interesting team is the Clippers who are really breaking out this season. Lob City is so much fun to watch, but also a really interesting team to match-up against. Chris Paul is probably the best point guard in the NBA and finds ways to get the ball into the hands of his dunk machine front court. I like them at 11/2 way more than I like the mess that is going on across town with the Lakers at 17/2. That team is just dysfunctional and I can’t see them getting things together in time for a playoff run. It’s a shame because they have so much talent, but that is just not a team that seems like they like playing with each other. You don’t have to be best friends, but this is a mess.

Hanging around, as always, is the Spurs at 17/2. They are a sneaky bet as I could see them getting out of the West. The Lakers are a mess and the Clippers are inexperienced (and they lost to the Spurs last season) which just leaves them on a collision course with the Thunder. The Thunder won that series last time out, but it was a lot closer than the 4-2 record we saw. We know they have the coaching match-up and, well, you just never know with the Spurs.

Below you will find the complete 2013 NBA Championship futures courtesy of Bovada. You can bet any of these online at

Miami Heat 2/1
Oklahoma City Thunder 15/4
Los Angeles Clippers 11/2
Los Angeles Lakers 17/2
San Antonio Spurs 17/2
New York Knicks 10/1
Memphis Grizzlies 18/1
Chicago Bulls 20/1
Boston Celtics 30/1
Brooklyn Nets 35/1
Golden State Warriors 40/1
Atlanta Hawks 60/1
Denver Nuggets 60/1
Indiana Pacers 60/1
Houston Rockets 90/1
Minnesota Timberwolves 100/1
Dallas Mavericks 125/1
Philadelphia 76ers 125/1
Milwaukee Bucks 150/1
Portland Trail Blazers 150/1
Utah Jazz 150/1
Orlando Magic 500/1
Toronto Raptors 500/1
Detroit Pistons 750/1
Phoenix Suns 1000/1
Sacramento Kings 1000/1
Charlotte Bobcats 3000/1
Cleveland Cavaliers 3000/1
New Orleans Hornets 3000/1
Washington Wizards 5000/1