2015 NBA Championship Futures

How about those Spurs? They got their revenge on the Miami Heat in a big way with a dominating performance in the NBA Finals. Kawhi Leonard made a huge name for himself and suddenly the Miami Heat look old and worn down. That didn’t stop the bookmakers from making the Heat the favorite for the 2015 NBA Championship though.

With Lebron’s future up in the air, the Miami Heat remain the favorite for the NBA Championship in 2015. Rumors have been going around for months that he will opt out and make his return to Cleveland, but nobody knows for sure what might happen. I do know that Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat bench looked old and overmatched in the Finals against the Spurs which can not bode well for their chances of retaining Lebron. This is a guy who wants to win championships and if he believes his cast in Miami is not up to par, I can see him bolting. The Heat at 3/1 is simply not worth looking at unless Lebron re-signs. The Cavaliers at 33/1 on the other hand…

The Thunder remain a threat to win it at 6/1, but I just can’t see it unless they are going to make a coaching change. Scott Brooks is a fine coach, but you could tell by the series against the Spurs that he is simply overmatched when it comes to elite level coaches. The Thunder have all the talent in the world, but until they figure out how to rotate their stars and keep the right guys on the floor they aren’t going to win anything.

The defending champion Spurs sit at 6/1 and they seem like a great bet and a bad one at the same time. If everyone decides to come back and they play like they did in the Finals, with Kawhi Leonard becoming the new star of the team then I really like them. If Tim Duncan or Greg Popovich decides to retire, I really (really really) don’t.

2015 could be the year of a new team on the horizon. I already mentioned the Cavaliers at 33/1. Imagining Lebron James alongside Kyrie Irving gives me chills. There is also the Clippers who are always lingering in the shadows, the Pacers, the Rockets with James Harden and even the Warriors. They are going to make a coaching change next season and that has been the biggest complaint about them the past couple of seasons. It depends on who they get, but who knows? If the Heat and Spurs go down this could be the dawning of a whole new era in the NBA.

Complete odds are below courtesy of Bovada. You can bet any of these online at http://www.Bovada.lv

Miami Heat 3/1
Oklahoma City Thunder 6/1
San Antonio Spurs 6/1
Los Angeles Clippers 9/1
Chicago Bulls 12/1
Indiana Pacers 12/1
Houston Rockets 16/1
Golden State Warriors 25/1
Portland Trail Blazers 25/1
Brooklyn Nets 28/1
Cleveland Cavaliers 33/1
Dallas Mavericks 33/1
Memphis Grizzlies 33/1
Washington Wizards 33/1
Los Angeles Lakers 40/1
New York Knicks 40/1
Toronto Raptors 40/1
Boston Celtics 50/1
Denver Nuggets 50/1
Detroit Pistons 50/1
New Orleans Pelicans 50/1
Minnesota Timberwolves 66/1
Atlanta Hawks 75/1
Charlotte Hornets 75/1
Phoenix Suns 75/1
Orlando Magic 150/1
Sacramento Kings 150/1
Utah Jazz 150/1
Milwaukee Bucks 200/1
Philadelphia 76ers 200/1


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