NBA Draft Lottery Betting Odds

BetOnline has posted a list of betting odds for the top three in the NBA Draft Lottery that takes place next Tuesday. This is a pretty comprehensive list and shows just how hard it is to nail the top three teams in the draft. The 76ers, Lakers and Nets have the best lottery odds of going 1-2-3, but that bet is over 50/1 to come in. There is so many ping pong balls and so many potential orders that this just seems impossible to bet on with any sort of certainty.

There are tons of betting options here, but there are actually some potential outcomes that aren’t even listed. For instance, if you wanted to bet the Milwaukee Bucks to get the number one overall pick, you can’t. The Bucks have just a 1.8% chance of moving to the number one spot and the bookmakers deemed that not worth the potential loss. You also can’t make a bet involving the Chicago Bulls who have just a 0.5% chance of the #1 pick and a 1.8% chance of a top three pick. That makes sense, from an odds perspective, but we have seen these things happen before and we will see them again. The lottery is exactly that.

Complete odds are below. Make a bet on any of these at

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NBA Playoffs First Round Series Odds

The NBA playoffs are finally here and we couldn’t be more ready. The regular season was great and the Warriors did some amazing things, but this year is all about the playoffs. 73 wins means nothing if you don’t get the ring. There are really some great stories in these playoffs with┬áthe ongoing quest of the Warriors, the possible last stand of these Clippers, the Spurs quest to unthrone Golden State and get one more ring; and Lebron’s drive for Cleveland.

There is plenty of time for all of the bigger picture stories, right now we are focusing on the first round of the playoffs. The Eastern Conference is filled with interesting match-ups while the Western Conference has a grand total of… one interesting match-up. Let’s take a look at the odds courtesy of BetOnline for all of the first round match-ups. Reminder that you can get bet on any of these at

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