Who will be the first coach to leave their post in the 2018-2019 NBA Season? 

We’re barely a week into the season so thinking about this kind of thing seems stupid, but Bovada posted this prop so let’s take a look at it. Rooting for someone to lose their job is kind of gross, but this is the NBA and it’s a business. Winning is the only thing that matters to some teams and even if it’s not the coach’s fault, someone has to go. These guys still get paid on their contracts if they are fired and there are always more opportunities out there for some with NBA coaching experience. So let’s take a look at the odds.

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Complete 2018-19 NBA Futures

We’ve written a ton of content to prepare for the 2019 NBA season. Below find a complete list of all the posts we’ve written to preview the 2019 NBA betting futures. 2019 NBA Championship Odds  Eastern Conference Betting Odds Western Conference Betting Odds NBA Division Odds Eastern Conference 2019 Atlantic Division Odds 2019 Southeast Division … Read more

2019 Western Conference Betting Odds

The Western Conference once again looks like the story of one team: the Golden State Warriors. They had the highest win total entering the season and they have the most stacked roster in the NBA, possibly ever. They are a favorite for a very good reason and will very likely meet the Eastern Conference winner in the Finals. That said, anything can happen between now and June and there are some interesting odds here. 

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2019 Golden State Warriors Win Total Betting Odds

The Golden State Warriors are the best team in the NBA and I’m not sure it’s all that close. They won the championship in each of the last two seasons and this could be the third time they do so. They are one of the best teams to ever play together in this league and a win this year could cement their status as the best ever. This team won 58 games last year when it felt like they never really cared. This year’s win total is set at 63.5 wins.

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