NBA Top 30 for November 2nd, 2015

The NBA Top 30 is our weekly post aimed on ranking the teams from best to worst with a 2016 NBA Futures minded approach. Using a combination of futures odds, standings and our own eye test we look to scout the NBA championship winner long before the Finals.  

Welcome to the inaugural NBA Top 30 where we rank the best teams in the NBA all the way down to the Sixers. We start each week with the Vine that blows your mind. It’s the…

Play of the Week:

The Magic and Thunder played a crazy game featuring multiple buzzer beaters. My favorite has to be Russell Westbrook’s at the end of regulation. It’s so deep, there’s no time left and you never really doubted it. #CLUTCH

Stuff of the Week:

While Westbrook’s heroics came against the young Magic, our stuff of the week came straight out of a possible Eastern Conference Finals match-up. With the Cavs down two they gave the ball to the best player on earth and Pau Gasol was having none of it.

We have a long way to go before we find out if that block ends up being meaningful in any way. Below you’ll find this week’s NBA Top 30 with current futures odds courtesy of Bovada.

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