NBA Division Odds: Pacific, Northwest, Southwest

The NBA Division Odds are out and we already covered the Eastern Conference division odds, now we’ll tackle the West. Last year we saw the Rockets and Warriors almost laughably win their divisions. The Warriors had a 16-game advantage over the second place team and the Rockets had 17-game advantage over the next best team. Those two divisions don’t look to change much, but the Northwest is a different story. Only two games separated the first and fifth place team in this division last year and that will likely happen again this year. Let’s take a look.

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2019 Dallas Mavericks Win Total Betting Odds

The 2019 Mavericks are a team that a lot of people think are going to do some big things this year. A lot of people are eyeing them for a playoff spot and it’s easy to see how you could be seduced by such a thing. That said, they finished with 24 wins last season and I think it’ll take at least 42 wins to make the playoffs in the West. That’s a big, big jump and with the team relying on so many young players that seems like a very difficult thing to do. 

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