Best NBA Futures Plays: November

We are roughly 1/8th through the season and there is a lot of basketball left to be played. There are a lot of stories yet to play out and it is way too early to predict anything. Well, except maybe the Warriors winning another title. That said, there is a good enough sample size out there now that we think we know a little something about this league and we think there are some great value plays still on the board. Let’s take a look at our favorites for November.

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Who will be the first coach to leave their post in the 2018-2019 NBA Season? 

We’re barely a week into the season so thinking about this kind of thing seems stupid, but Bovada posted this prop so let’s take a look at it. Rooting for someone to lose their job is kind of gross, but this is the NBA and it’s a business. Winning is the only thing that matters to some teams and even if it’s not the coach’s fault, someone has to go. These guys still get paid on their contracts if they are fired and there are always more opportunities out there for some with NBA coaching experience. So let’s take a look at the odds.

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2019 Oklahoma City Thunder Win Total Betting Odds

The 2019 Thunder are going to be very different from the 2018 Thunder and that’s mainly because Carmelo Anthony is now gone. No offense to Carmelo, but he did not work on this team and this team did not work with him on there. With him gone, there is hope. This was a top defensive team last season and should pick right back up there this season. That said, this team finished 48-34 last season and I’m not sure they will top that number this year. Their win total is set at 49.5 wins. 

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NBA Division Odds: Pacific, Northwest, Southwest

The NBA Division Odds are out and we already covered the Eastern Conference division odds, now we’ll tackle the West. Last year we saw the Rockets and Warriors almost laughably win their divisions. The Warriors had a 16-game advantage over the second place team and the Rockets had 17-game advantage over the next best team. Those two divisions don’t look to change much, but the Northwest is a different story. Only two games separated the first and fifth place team in this division last year and that will likely happen again this year. Let’s take a look.

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